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  • FTSE4Good
  • CDP Climate & Water A List 2017
  • STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders Index
  • MSCI
  • Ethibel Sustainability Index Europe
  • DJSI World/Europe
  • Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission Level A in CO2 emission
  • Sustainability yearbook 2020 gold class 2020
  • Corporate Knights’ 2019 Global 100 most sustainable corporations




José Luis Blasco


  • Sustainability Award Gold Class 2020
  • Sustainability Award Industry mover 2020
  • CDP Europe Award 2018
  • Chile’s National Environmental Award 2017




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Company Activity

Acciona engages in providing infrastructure, energy and water services. Their core skill is in designing, building and operating complex assets for third parties or for their own portfolio. They operates within these business divisions: 

  • The Infrastructure division deals with public works and building projects. 
  • The Energy division handles the operation of renewable energy power plants. 
  • The Water division focuses on water treatment and reverse osmosis desalination. 
  • The Other Businesses division provides financial services, fund management and stock broking. 

“Our close linkage to society’s real needs makes us attractive to investors who look to the long term, who see in us a bet not only on the present but also on the future. Our business model also helps us attract the best talent. ACCIONA likes to know that, through our work, the company  contributes to building a more sustainable society. I would like to think that our clients see us as a unique company with distinctive value.” – José Manuel Entrecanales, ACCIONA Chairman

Company Sustainable Activity

The sustainability strategy at ACCIONA is executed through the Sustainability Master Plan, a road map which incorporates all of the company’s initiatives in this field. ACCIONA’s goal is to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy, which is why it equips all its projects with quality criteria and innovation processes intended to optimise the efficient use of resources and respect for the environment. The company has been carbon neutral since 2016, offsetting all CO2 emissions generated which it could not reduce. 

The company offers solutions to present and future challenges such as water shortage and sanitation, the decarbonisation of the energy system, resilient infrastructures and innovation, the new and growing needs of populations concentrated in cities, and mitigating climate change.

ACCIONA assumes the mitigation of climate change as a strategic objective. In coherence, it compromises its investment capacity and assumes the carbon neutrality of its operations, promoting energy efficiency and offsetting its emissions through the purchase of CO₂ rights from renewable facilities in developing countries.

ACCIONA considers that fighting against the effects of global warming is a strategic priority, and therefore its activities are based on a portfolio of low-carbon businesses, that reduce or lessen the negative effects of climate change, reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, promote energy efficiency, answer the world demand for renewable energy, sustainable infrastructures, water and services, as well as developing and promoting innovative programs in its Businesses.

The company helps offset the use of fossil energy in the national electricity mixes, thereby successfully avoiding all CO₂ emissions associated with them through its electricity generation activity based exclusively on renewable energy. In the same way, ACCIONA provides solutions for energy efficiency, both in its own business and for its customers, successfully optimising consumption patterns in which CO2 emissions are reduced.


  • The implementation of the Social Impact Management methodology covers 98 projects of the company in 25 countries. 
  • The Social Impact Management procedure was established as a corporate standard, and corporate instruction for communication and dialogue with communities and stakeholders was approved.
  •  Completion of 8 external audits in 2 Energy projects and 6 Infrastructure projects, to evaluate the degree of application of their Social Impact Management. 
  • Measurement of the socioeconomic impact of the entire 2017 portfolio of renewable assets, as well as 20 Energy projects and 2 Infrastructure projects. 
  • Various volunteer initiatives carried out in 20 countries with a total of 1,536 volunteers. 
  • Participation in world-renowned sustainability forums such as the World Economic Forum, the COP24, and others.

HIGHLIGHTS Climate change:

  • In 2019, ACCIONA avoided the emission to the atmosphere of  13,1 million tons of CO2 thanks to generating energy solely from renewable sources.
  • Achievement of carbon neutrality since 2016 by offsetting 100 % of emissions that could not be reduced. Setting science-based emission reduction targets (SBT). 
  • Reducing GHG emissions by 7 % compared to 2017. Internal price of carbon used in the analysis of new investments or projects. 
  • Updated the dossier of global measures for the company’s adaptation to climate change. 
  • Analysis and publication of climate risks and opportunities, following the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

HIGHLIGHTS Environnement:

  • 295 hm³ of water treated in areas with water stress and 17 % of the water consumed of recycled, tertiary or rainwater origin. 
  • Reduction of the generation of unrecovered non-hazardous waste by 30 % compared to 2015 (Base year of ACCIONA’s Waste Management Plan). 
  • 58 % recovery of the non-hazardous waste generated. 
  • Completion of the 2018 Analysis of scenarios, risks and opportunities associated with water resources at ACCIONA and assessments and management of water and environmental liability risks at the business level. 
  • 5 new LCAs added to the company’s portfolio. 
  • Biodiversity footprint methodology developed and executed 12 biodiversity action plans.


  • Approval of the Audit Committee Regulations, following the recommendations in the CNMV’s Technical Guide on Audit Committees. 
  • Adaptation of the Director Selection Policy, including new diversity, origin and nationality criteria. 
  • Update of the assessment methodology for the criminal risks faced by ACCIONA. 
  • Dual certification according to ISO 37001 and UNE 19601 for ACCIONA S.A. 
  • Approval of the migrant worker welfare standard by ACCIONA Infrastructure in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. 
  • The sustainability risk methodology was implemented for the Energy, Construction, Water and Services businesses in a total of 26 countries.


  • Global launch of Performance Status with 93 % manager participation. The process applied to 100 % of the target group, involving all countries and positions. 
  • Two new editions of the programme for HighPotential Women have been held during 2018, with a total of 14 participants. 
  • Relaunch of the Sustainability Course for employees. 
  • OHSAS 18001 certification reaches 91.92 % in countries with more than 150 FTEs (full-time equivalents). 
  • Reduction of the frequency rate from 2.51 to 2.40 in 2018 of employees and contractors. 
  • Implementation of ACCIONA Energy’s THINK SAFE programme and development of Infrastructure’s PPV project with 84 improvement agreements.


  • Growth in the number of suppliers with Risk Map, especially on the international level, which increased by 56 % compared to 2017. 
  • Definition and inclusion of the Supply Chain variable in the suppliers’ Risk Map and review of the general procurement conditions, with the aim of having a greater knowledge of the supply chain beyond the direct supplier. 
  • Increase in the number of suppliers that have completed training on the code of conduct and sustainability. 
  • Global index of satisfied customers of 97 % and decrease in the number of B2B claims by 17 % compared to 2017. 
  • 91 % of the ACCIONA’s sales are ISO 9001 certified and 90 % ISO 14001 certified. 
  • Development of 73 improvement groups, 30 % more than in 2017, with the direct involvement of more than 1,000 employees.

HIGHLIGHTS Acciona Energy’s commitment


  • The index of satisfied customers is 100 %. 94 % of the suppliers are local. 
  • A total innovation figure of EUR 61.8 million. 


  • Implementation of the Social Impact Management methodology in 17 projects and 11 countries. 
  • The accident frequency rate of employees and contractors has reduced by over 40 %. 
  • More than 264,700 beneficiaries of the social initiatives carried out in projects. 


  • 100 % renewable energy production through five renewable technologies. 
  • Avoided the emission to the atmosphere of a total of 14.7 million tons of CO2. 
  • 8 projects registered for Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)., The Energy & Water Foundation

The mission of the foundation, started in 2008 as ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation, is to promote the access to energy, water and infrastructures of people and communities with no prospect of covering those needs. Their actions are based on four pillars:

  • Intervention in settlements where poverty and lack of access to basic services are prevalent
  • Focus on those aspects of ACCIONA’s business impacting on the human development, by leaning on the know-how and experience of its enterprises, as well as on its employees through the corporate volunteering
  • Prioritization of the long-term sustainability of their initiatives, by emphasizing to give service over deploying a project. With this aim, they develop innovative service delivery models, which are implemented by their permanent establishments in the operation countries. 
  • They collaborate with other development cooperation actors, with the aim of joining and coordinating efforts to have the necessary resources and information to execute


  • LEED (10 of their buildings)
  • BREEAM (4 of their buildings)
  • Greenroad Gold Certification (1 building)
  • 90% of group sales ISO 14001 Certified
  • 91% of group sales ISO 9001 Certified

Sustainable Development Goals

How company covers SDGs

SDG1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

  • 2.2% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 1 in 2016.
  • Luz en Casa, ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation: using solar home systems, according to the impact measurement of the pilot projects (600 households in Cajamaraca and 180 in Oaxaca), consumers saved a total of EUR 730,00 in alternative energy sources.
  • The 46,000 users of Luz en Casa save EUR 945,000 by avoiding the purchase of batteries, candles, etc. and could gain the use of approximately 7,295,000 extra hours of light to carry out their day-to-day activities, as they have electric light.

SDG2:  End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

  • 5th year in a row of the donation campaign for the Food Bank: 4,000 kg of food collected in 2016.
  • Support for the State Food Programme in South Africa, benefiting approximately 6,000 primary school children in the vicinity of the Gouda wind farm and the Sishen photovoltaic plant.

SDG3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

  • 3.3% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 3 in 2016.
  • Dissemination of the Health and Well-being Plan in a total of 16 countries, as well as involvement in audio-visual media to promote safe and healthy habits, in 2016. 
  • 50 Social Impact Management projects in implementation phase and monitoring of measures that contribute to the well-being of communities.
  • Luz en Casa provided almost 19,250,000 hours of electric lighting that minimised the use of harmful alternative methods (candles, kerosene, wood), in 2017. 

SDG4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

  • 17.2% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 4 in 2016.
  • Volunteer Day: dissemination about sustainable development with more than 600 volunteers and 13,000 students in 2016.
  • Training given to a total of 14,081 students through the Corporate University in 2016.
  • The children of Luz en Casa used 725,000 extra hours to do their homework in 2017, increasing their primary schooling by 0.4 years and increasing the number of children enrolled in secondary school by 11 %.

SDG5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

ACCIONA works on a range of initiatives to foster equal opportunity, meritocracy and diversity. In its SMP 2020 framework, the company set out goals for diversity plans, an increase in the percentage of women in management and executive positions, and the elimination of the remuneration gap between men and women, among other goals.

  • Women account for 30 % of the total workforce, 12.8 % of executive positions and 19.8 % of management positions.
  • Women account for 27.27 % of the Board of Directors. The company also has a Director Selection Policy which includes a specific gender diversity goal by 2020.
  • The remuneration gap between men and women is 5.17 %.
  • All the company’s lines of business in Spain are covered by equality plans.
  • Luz en Casa worked with at least 600 women who were members of the Photovoltaic Electrification Committees and 4 women in charge of Luz en Casa centres in 2017.
  • There are 17,200 users that can carry out household tasks more easily in 2017 (and more than 7,000 children do their homework with adequate lighting).

SDG6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Throughout its history, ACCIONA has purified, processed and desalinated water for over 100 million people worldwide.

  • 6.7% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 6 in 2016.
  • ACCIONA has a positive water footprint, 374 hm3 worldwide in 2017, equivalent to the annual water usage of over 7 million people (based on water usage per capita in Spain).
  • More than 98 % of all the water that has been purified, processed and desalinated (775 hm3) was in 8 countries with regions of water stress in 2017.
  • Gross capital expenditure in the water business amounted to €38 million in 2017.

SDG7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

The company generates energy entirely from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, solar thermal and biomass. Between 2016 and 2020, ACCIONA will have invested at least $2.5 billion in developing renewable technologies. 80 % of that investment will be in new facilities in developing countries. Based on this trend, renewable installed capacity will amount to at least 10,500 MW.

  • 8.4% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 7 in 2016.
  • Luz en Casa, ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation: access to affordable electricity with solar home systems for 11,400 low-income households (46,000 people), in rural isolated communities, in 2016.
  • 9,022 MW of installed capacity and production of 20,431 GWh of clean emission-free energy, equivalent to the consumption of 6 million households worldwide, in 2017.
  • Out of the company’s total energy consumption (19,071 Tj), 30 % was supplied from renewable sources in 2017.
  • Gross capital expenditure in the Energy business amounted to €468 million in 2017.

SDG8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

ACCIONA shares the values of respect, transparency, equal opportunity, meritocracy, continuous communication and diversity with its employees. The company also promotes health and safety among employees and partners. Through its SMP 2020, the company works on improving employees’ and partners’ health and safety, as well as training opportunities.

  • Reduction of the overall accident frequency rate from 3 to 2.7 thanks to strengthening programmes to build a culture of safety, such as the LIDER project (Infrastructure) and THINK SAFE project (Energy). (2017)
  • ACCIONA is a member of the Building and Wood Worker’s International, which covers all the projects in the sectors in which it works. (2017)
  • Regarding integration, differently-abled people represent 3.6 % of the workforce in Spain (in full-time equivalent terms). (2017)
  • Average of 15.96 training hours per employee each year. Particularly noteworthy is the new ACCIONA Sustainability training course, available to 10,584 employees in 41 countries. (2017)
  • 3.55% of the workforce in Spain are employees with disabilities. (2016)
  • 99% of the workforce in the different countries are covered by collective bargaining agreements. (2016)
  • The frequency rate for own employees dropped by 4.7%. (2016)
  • 86% of all suppliers are local suppliers. (2016)

SDG9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Through its business lines, ACCIONA offers innovative solutions that satisfy the growing demand for infrastructure, access to water and energy, etc. When developing its projects, the company measures and manages the social and environmental impact they have on the communities where it operates.

  • 1.9% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 9 in 2016.
  • Social Impact Management in 100 projects in 33 countries, where the company analyses and addresses the social consequences.
  • Measurement of the socioeconomic and environmental impact throughout the life cycle of four projects.
  • Innovation figure of €209.4 million with an innovation intensity ratio of 2.9 %, exceeding the European average (1.4 %).
  • Launch of I’MNOVATION #Startups, Spain’s first corporate accelerator for infrastructure and renewable energy start-ups, in which 11 start-ups were selected to develop 12 pilot projects in 2018
  • The company’s gross capital expenditure amounted to €920 million in 2017.
  • Social cash flow of EUR 8,168 million. The economic value generated has been distributed through payments to suppliers, public authorities, shareholders, employees, among others.
  • The models for the provision of the Luz en Casa service, which consider technological, economic and management aspects allow for the implementation of basic electrical infrastructures. Recognition of the Luz en Casa centres by CAF-Latin American Development Bank and the journal Compromiso Empresarial.

SDG10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Internal initiatives to raise awareness regarding disabilities, equality, gender and age diversity, among others. Participation and collaboration in a number of projects related to social and occupational integration of diverse groups:

  • Coach Project by the Exit Foundation
  • Sponsoring Talent Project, led by the Princesa de Girona Foundation Norte Joven
  • Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation
  • Cooperation with victims of gender violence

Luz en Casa, ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation: continued to mitigate the imbalance between rural and urban areas by reducing the number of people in rural communities who did not have access to electricity.

SDG11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

  • Development of dwellings designed under strict BREEAM building standards for sustainability.
  • Diverse sustainable construction projects bearing LEED certification.

SDG12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

The company contributes to a sustainable value chain by strengthening risk prevention, ethics and reduction of the climate and environmental footprint. It also guarantees the quality and safety of its products.

  • Implementation of “No Go” policies, which represent minimum standards of ethics and integrity,among other aspects, and ensure that the company does not deal with non-compliant suppliers.
  • 94 % of ACCIONA’s suppliers are local in 2017.
  • 91 % of the group’s revenues are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard, and 88 % to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard in 2017.
  • Within the Waste Management Plan 2016-2020, the company has recovered 43 % of all the waste it produces.
  • ACCIONA is present in diverse sustainability indexes, including: DJSI World, DJSI Europe, CDP Climate A List, Water A List and Supplier Climate A List.
  • The Luz en Casa programmes avoid the emission of approximately 2,750 t of CO2and the uncontrolled disposal of 16.2 t of batteries, thanks to the use of electric devices and lights connected to solar photovoltaic systems in 2018.

SDG13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

ACCIONA has been a carbon neutral company since 2016 and considers the fight against climate change as a strategic priority. By generating electricity from renewables, the company supports climate change mitigation by displacing fossil fuels in countries’ electricity mix.

  • 21.1% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 13 in 2016.
  • Luz en Casa, ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation: managed to avoid issuing 2,400 tons of CO2 in 2016.
  • Carbon neutrality goal achieved by offsetting 100 % of the emissions that could not be reduced.
  • ACCIONA has joined the Science Based Targets initiative with the aim of establishing emission reduction goals based on science.
  • 14.4 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided due to generating solely from 100% renewable sources.
  • Participation in the development of projects to combat climate change, with 8 projects in Mexico, India, Chile and Costa Rica registered in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The company also participates in the voluntary carbon market through the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) programme, with two wind projects in U.S.

SDG14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

  • Participation by Trasmediterranea in the Great Seabed Cleaning initiative on the coasts of Ceuta and Melilla. (2016)
  • Optimisation of a wetland eco-system in Toledo (Spain) using renewable technology in collaboration with the Foundation for Ethology and Biodiversity Research (FIEB). (2016)

SDG15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

  • 9.5% of the company’s social contribution was invested in accomplishing SDG 15. (2016)
  • Control and monitoring of facilities located adjacent to or within 428 facilities in protected areas and unprotected areas of high biodiversity value. (2016)
  • Protection and restoration of 168 hectares in the vicinity of its projects. (2016)
  • Promotion of planting trees in especially affected zones of seven countries. (2016)

SDG16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

ACCIONA’s Code of Conduct and the Policy Book define a framework of integrity and governance that ensures responsible management. Risk management is a process driven by the Board of Directors that consists of identifying, assessing and managing potential events that might affect the company and the achievement of its goals.

  • ACCIONA has an ethical channel for reporting any improper conduct or breaches of the Code of Conduct. In 2017, 45 communications were received via the ethical channel or the Code Committee.
  • Approval and implementation of the new methodology for identifying and assessing sustainability risks.
  • Update of the company’s human rights risk survey, in line with the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, as part of the due diligence process.
  • In line with the company’s ethical commitment, the Crime Prevention and Anti-Corruption Model has been implemented in Italy for the Energy and Water business lines.

SDG17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

  • ACCIONA is working actively on international initiatives that enhance its commitment to sustainable development, the fight against climate change, and raising awareness of these issues.
  • ACCIONA played an active role in COP23, held in Bonn in November, and in the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  • Cooperation with national and international organisations on climate change, sustainable development, and other issues: CPLC, Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, Sustainable Energy forAll, WBCSD, Corporate Leaders Group, Global Compact, among others.
  • Participation in a number of public surveys on proposed new regulation for energy,infrastructure, water and services, such as Spain’s Climate Change and Energy Transition Law, through industry associations and its participation in the Spanish Green Growth Group.tons


Please refer to SDGs section.

Acciona is really committed to sustainability, targeting a wide range of environment related issues. Despite holding sustainable certifications for part of their buildings only, they are in a lot of sustainability indexes and received numerous sustainable awards, which prove their involvement. They have a website dedicated to sustainability, and multiple reports tackling different parts of the SDGs, such as a biodiversity report, evidence towards control of suppliers’ activity, and of participation in various sustainable programs. They also give good report on their goals and achievements. They get the rating B because they don’t have the top certificates to ensure an A.


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