ADM Responsible Soybean Standard








ADM Responsible Soybean Standard

Certificate Description

The ADM Responsible Soybean Standard is an inspection program with the main objective of promoting environmentally and socially responsible agricultural production.

They inspect companies based on five main categories. Firstly, they look at Legal Compliance and Land Use Rights. Then they consider Labor Conditions, including Forced Labor, Discrimination, and Wages. They also report on Environmental and Social Requirements, like Land Use Rights, Communication Channels, and Environmental Impact. Fourthly, they evaluate on Good Agricultural Practices, such as Soil Management, Pest Management, and Agricultural Machinery. Lastly, they inspect Traceability, which covers Book & Claim, Area Mass Balance, and Segregation.

This standard was developed by ADM, who transforms natural products into their own foods and beverages, as well as working with other growers to support their sustainability practices.

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