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One of only 6 winners for the waste minimization, reuse and recycling award – Bayport’s won one of 16 companies that won awards for energy efficiency, Magnolia won for the Bromine Tower Packing Replacement project.




Albemarle Corporation

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Company Activity

Albemarle Corporation was incorporated in Virginia in 1993. They are a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of highly-engineered specialty chemicals that are designed to meet their customers’ needs across a diverse range of end markets.
The end markets they serve include energy storage, petroleum refining, consumer electronics, construction, automotive, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, crop protection and custom chemistry services. They believe that their commercial and geographic diversity, technical expertise, innovative capability, flexible, low-cost global manufacturing base, experienced management team and strategic focus on their core base technologies will enable us to maintain leading market positions in those areas of the specialty chemicals industry in which they operate.

As of December 31, 2018, they served approximately 2,300 customers, none of which individually represented more than 10% of net sales of the Company, in approximately 100 countries

Company Sustainable Activity

Albemarle is a proud member of the American Chemistry Council and active participant in Responsible Care. Through its rigorous discipline, its Corporate RC14001 certification challenges the company to identify key environmental aspects, set goals, and track progress on achieving those goals. On April 15, 2019, Albemarle was honored by The American Chemistry Council with the following awards:

– They were one of only 6 winners for the waste minimization, reuse and recycling award – Bayport’s won for solid waste recycle improvement project for the CORACIS unit. In this project they eliminated process waste by recycling it back into the process. 250,000 pounds of waste have been recycled so far.

– They were one of 16 companies that won awards for energy efficiency, and they had two different projects that won: Bayport won for their Improvement of Product Drying Equipment by Improved Feed Flow Control project. This project reduced the natural gas usage of process dryers which reduced overall energy consumption. The project also allows for improvements in other areas of the plant, potentially further reducing the site’s overall energy consumption. Magnolia won for the Bromine Tower Packing Replacement project. This project decreased overall steam usage for a process unit by upgrading equipment to one with a higher efficiency. The environment and the regulatory framework charged with sustaining it constantly change. They strive to not only meet regulatory requirements but to exceed them through best practices from industry, benchmarking with peers, and implementation of their sustainability initiatives. Of these, they are most proud of their wildlife habitat projects. These wildlife habitats show them how fragile ecosystems are and how we, as good stewards, can nourish them and help them thrive.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9002
  • ISO 14001
  • Responsible Care® 14001 (RC14001®)

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How company covers SDGs




Albemarle Corporation operates in the chemical products industry which can affect the environment hugely without the appropriate sustainable guidelines followed. And although Albemarle has some sustainable certifications like the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and others; they don’t follow any officially recognized sustainable development goals of the UN or other organizations. In addition to that, their emissions include ozone-depleting substances R-22, NOx and SOx and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP), and they produce petroleum refining chemicals.

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