Amaggi Responsible Standard





Amaggi Responsible Standard

Certificate Description

The purpose of the AMAGGI Responsible Standard is to establish a minimum entry criterion for producers and work on their socio-environmental management culture. The standard aims to carry out socio-environmental diagnosis within its producers, identifying the rural properties that can be certified with the A.R.S.

The AMAGGI Responsible Standard can be applied either to the farms owned or leased by the company, as well as those of soy and corn suppliers. An annual internal audit will be carried out on all farms in the group and an external audit will be performed in sample areas by an independent body with knowledge and accreditations for audits on sustainability standards, especially for grains cultivation.

The Standard was created by AMAGGI, a large Brazilian commodities company involved in the soybean industry. It is the largest private producer of soybeans in the world.

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