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Certificate Description

AvoGreen is a responsible and auditable avocado production system which uses the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an internationally recognised approach, to ensure pesticides are used only when needed.

AvoGreen is a requirement of export and all growers must be AvoGreen compliant in order for their crop to be exported.It is an industry Export Market Strategy (EMS) requirement that PPINs are AvoGreen compliant in order to export fruit. To be AvoGreen compliant a Grower must have an accredited pest monitor monitoring their orchard for pests under the industry AvoGreen Programme.

This system was created by New Zealand Avocado, the public face that represents the avocado industry in New Zealand. New Zealand Avocado is made up of two entities: NZ Avocado Growers Association Inc. (NZAGA) and NZ Avocado Industry Limited.

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