Better Biomass (new name for the NTA 8080 Approved certificate)






Better Biomass (new name for the NTA 8080 Approved certificate)

Certificate Description

The Better Biomass certificate demonstrates compliance with the sustainability criteria, covering aspects like greenhouse gas reduction, biodiversity, the environment, prosperity and wellbeing.

The sustainability criteria in NTA 8080 and the certification scheme linked to this standard, are currently under revision. The scope is extended to cover sustainability of biomass for application in not only bioenergy but also biobased products. New aspects, including carbon debt, indirect land use change (ILUC) and cascading of biomass, have been taken into account.

Better Biomass is the international sustainability certificate for all types of biomass, including biofuels, solid and gaseous biomass as well as biobased products later on this year. They have been operational since 2011 and has been recognized by the European Commission as voluntary scheme to demonstrate compliance with the mandatory sustainability criteria for biofuels and bioliquids as laid down in the Renewable Energy Directive since 2012.

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