Bio Suisse Standards for Imports






Bio Suisse Standards for Imports

Certificate Description

The Bio Suisse Standards for Export restrict the use of the “Bud” logo for foreign products if the domestic supply is sufficient or the entire processing is carried out abroad.

The products must be produced in conformance with the current Bio Suisse Standards, whereby the principle of equivalence applies. The producer must be certified according to Bio Suisse Standards, or the farming association must have direct approval from Bio Suisse. The products may only be imported by importers holding a valid licence contract with Bio Suisse. The products may only be transported to Switzerland by land or by sea (air transport is prohibited).

The standards are developed by Bio Suisse, a private-sector organization in the federation of Swiss organic farmers. This umbrella organization counts 32 organic farmers’ associations among its members, as well as the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL.

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