Certificate Description

The bioRe Sustainable Cotton Standard is the quintessence of bioRe’s sustainability performance and commitment towards small contract producers in India and Tanzania.

The standard contains social and environmental criteria with regard to cotton production, based on organic cotton being addressed by organic certification schemes which are successfully adhered to. Social development and environmental excellence focus on the socioeconomic improvement of cotton farmers’ and workers’ livelihoods. The framework is based on a human rights based approach, enhancing effective and right-based participation of beneficiaries and the fulfilment of human rights.

The bioRe Foundation is owner of the trademark bioRe, and is scheme owner of the bioRe Sustainable Cotton Standard which was developed in close collaboration with its core stakeholders, the smallholder cotton farmers and the bioRe organisations in India and Tanzania as well as Remei AG, which is the founding partner and main customer of bioRe Sustainable Cotton.

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