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Elizabeth Wayt


  • Alliance for workplace excellence eco leadership award 2011-2018
  • Fairfax county environmental excellence award 2016
  • GSA Expo top 10 sustainable exhibitor  -Platinum 2012
  • Fairfox business recycling commendation 2008-2012
  • PACE award from the Clean Air Campaign 2011





Booz Allen Hamilton Holding

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Company Activity

Booz Allen Hamilton is a global firm of approximately 26,300 diverse, passionate, and exceptional people driven to excel, do right, and realize positive change in everything they do.

According to the company, they bring bold thinking and a desire to be the best in their line of work in consulting. This includes analytics, digital solutions, engineering, and cyber, and with industries ranging from defense to health to energy to international development.

Booz Allen Hamilton celebrates and values diversity in all its forms; according to their company, it’s something they truly value as a multicultural community of problem solvers. Corporate and individual citizenship make our communities better places for all. They’re one guiding purpose is to empower people to change the world. The founder, Edwin Booz, said it best: “Start with character… and fear not the future.” Therefore, they bring a ferocious integrity to not only train clients to tackle the problems they face today, but to help them change the status quo for tomorrow. Each day, BAH imagines, invents, and delivers new ways to better serve employees, clients, and the world. 


Company Sustainable Activity

According to the company, the real power of Booz Allen’s sustainability program is in people’s passionate service.

Employee volunteers organize events to educate colleagues, empower sustainable behavior, and support the local community.
Hundreds of Booz Allen volunteers clean up waterways each year from San Francisco to Virginia Beach.
In 2018, employees donated enough gently used plastic toys to keep 7,240 pounds
of plastic out of landfills. 

Each year, volunteers across the firm rehabilitate homes for low-income, military veterans, and elderly homeowners.


ISO 14001

Sustainable Development Goals:


How company covers SDGs



  • Reduced Scope 2 GHG emissions by 53%
  • Established data reporting and calculation methodologies to report and track Scope 1 and 3 emissions
  • Diverted 199 tons of coffee and tea packet waste from landfills
  • Generated 83.5K KWH of energy from our waste to energy program, diverting the equivalent of 139 metric tons of CO2
  • Diverted more than 1,000 tons of furniture waste from landfills through donations and recycling
  • Certified more than 35% of facilities as ENERGY STAR, LEED, or Green Globes buildings
  • Diverted more than 450 tons of e-waste from landfills

Although Booz Allen takes some action towards sustainability, the information provided is not detailed and does not provide any certainty about the action taken by them towards sustainability. They do not follow any official SDGs and have only 1 certification.


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