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Cadence Design System Inc.

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Company Activity

Cadence is the only company that provides the expertise and tools, IP, and hardware required for the entire electronics design chain, from chip design to chip packaging to boards and to systems. They enable electronic systems and semiconductor companies to create innovative products that transform the way people live, work, and play. Their products are used in mobile, consumer, cloud datacenter, automotive, aerospace, IoT, industrial and other market segments. Their Intelligent System Design strategy guides everything they do, from their product line-up to the expertise and services they offer their customers and the partnerships they develop with other industry leaders. They believe that giving their customers a systems-level perspective throughout the design cycle pays off in the faster and better design, shorter verification cycles, software that works with the hardware, and new product leadership. Their product lines include:

  • Industry-leading EDA (electronic design automation) tools designers use to develop custom, analogue, RF and mixed-signal chip designs
  • Innovative, next-generation EDA tools to improve productivity and speed the design of the digital portions of the chips
  • An IP portfolio that includes pre-designed and configurable blocks that can be integrated quickly into new chip designs
  • Automated packaging tools to manage complexity and performance requirements
  • Leading PCB layout and routing technologies that help designers with everything from simple electrical analysis to multi-board signal simulations
  • A comprehensive suite of verification tools and hardware to verify the chip, package, board, and system designs.

They pride themselves on creating and sustaining a company culture, “One Cadence—One Team”, that drives the market- and industry-leading innovation and business success. Cadence is recognized as a Great Place to Work around the world, including as one of the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For” over the last three years. The Great Place to Work lists is based on employee ratings of different aspects of their workplace culture, including the level of trust they feel toward company leaders, the pride they take in their jobs, and the camaraderie they experience with co-workers.

Company Sustainable Activity

At Cadence, they monitor their performance on energy, water, waste, and emissions. By improving the environmental footprint of the facilities and data centres, the company conserve resources and reduce costs. 

Low-Carbon Energy 

They regularly evaluate how they can lessen the environmental impact of their facilities and business operations. 

As part of this evaluation, they transitioned to San Jose Clean Energy (SJCE) in March 2019 for the electricity at corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. They chose SJCE because it is operated by the community energy department of the city of San Jose, California and currently provides a cleaner and sustainable power mix with a greater percentage of renewable resources that will help them reduce the carbon footprint. 

Inspired by their transition to SJCE, even more, committed to exploring how they can bring more renewable energy to their operating sites that lower fossil fuel usage and reduce GHG emissions. 

Energy Conservation 

Their energy conservation efforts focus on procuring and installing energy-saving equipment and ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and optimising lighting and heating for their data centres and facilities. They design their newer facilities to accommodate an increase in computing capacity while reducing cooling energy requirements. For example, their largest data centres that are located in San Jose, California and India use cold-aisle containment technology which reduces energy consumption. 

They are also trying to find ways to improve the efficiency of their ventilation systems to prolong the life of their server hardware and reduce electronic waste. 

Energy-Efficient Office Features 

They recently signed leases for offices in Shanghai, China; Bangalore, India; and Burlington, Massachusetts that are LEED-certified. 

They also invest in architectural features at their facilities that will maximize energy efficiency. For instance, their largest building at their corporate headquarters in San Jose, California uses reflective roofing systems and utilizes architectural features to minimize overheating and allow for less mechanical cooling energy consumption. Glass walls at their facilities allow more natural light and decrease the amount of energy needed to light the office space. Their largest building at their corporate headquarters in San Jose, California also features a comprehensive lighting-control system, advanced electronic lighting ballasts, compact fluorescent and LED lighting, and networked HVAC systems. Cadence regularly reviews lighting and HVAC equipment at their facilities worldwide to look for possible improvements and efficiencies to further reduce energy consumption. 

They conduct routine HVAC maintenance and regularly check and fine-tune thermostat settings to be consistent with outdoor conditions and occupancy loads. They also schedule thermostat setbacks for non-critical and unoccupied spaces to reduce energy consumption and related costs.

Office Technology 

As technology continues to become more efficient, Cadence strives to identify opportunities to replace or upgrade their office equipment and hardware to decrease the energy footprint. When investing in new hardware options, they assess power consumption and management features, carbon footprint, cooling requirements, international standards certificates, and the recyclability or reusability of packaging materials. 

Their desktop monitors, servers, laptops, and printers are ENERGY STAR compliant. Their new laptops have EPEAT Bronze ratings, an indication that they are designed for end-of-life reuse and recycling. They utilize energy-saving modes on their computers, conference room monitors, and projectors and maintain software to reduce energy consumption during low demand or idle times. 

To reduce costs and carbon emissions related to business travel,  implemented collaborative tools for o-their employees to communicate with each other and improved webcasting/ streaming services for major Cadence events.


As responsible environmental stewards, they strive to reduce the amount of waste they produce. However, for the waste, they do produce, but they focus on reuse and recycling to limit the amount they send to landfill. 

In their offices, the primary sources of waste are food, containers, and paper. Their cafeterias implement composting programs, provide compostable paper products, and utilize environmentally friendly flatware. They offer recycling options for common office waste such as plastic bottles, cans, glass containers, and paper and educate their employees about alternatives to printing in order to reduce office paper waste. 

Cadence regularly reviews how they can reuse and maximize the use of their existing electronic equipment. For example, they have a technology loaner program that offers older, used equipment to employees whose equipment may require updates or repair. For their data centre’s e-waste, they make every effort to maximize machine lifespan and reuse or recycle all possible equipment. 


Cadence does not use water to cool their data servers, so its water use is primarily from office facilities. They integrate efficient landscaping, automated taps, and sensor technology in washing areas and restrooms. They also recycle and treat wastewater to use in their landscaping or return to the municipal water systems. 

Employee Sustainability Initiatives and Engagement 

Their culture of giving back inspires employees to plan environmental initiatives that improve the sustainability of communities where they operate. 

E-waste Recycling and Disposal 

To commemorate Earth Day, Cadence’s IT team at cadence corporate headquarters in San Jose, California hosts an annual e-waste recycling and collection drive for their employees to environmentally recycle or dispose of any end-of-life electronics. Throughout their facilities, the employees have collected thousands of pounds of e-waste for proper disposal. 

Bike to Work Day 

Cadence employees at the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California participated in Bike to Work Day. They sponsored an “Energizer Station” at one of Silicon Valley’s major bike commuting routes and provided bicyclists with food, water and good cheer to fuel them on their way to work. 

Spare the Air Days 

During Spare the Air alert days in Silicon Valley, they reduce interior lighting levels in their buildings, conference rooms, and offices to conserve energy at their corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

Cadence supports efforts to reduce carbon emissions by maintaining the highly utilized electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California; Austin, Texas; Sandy, Utah; Burlington, Massachusetts; and Bracknell, England. 

Responsible Business Alliance

Cadence is an Affiliate Member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), and fully supports RBA’s vision and goals:

Vision: A global electronics industry that creates sustainable value for workers, the environment, and business.

Mission: Members, suppliers, and stakeholders collaborate to improve working and environmental conditions through leading standards and practices.

Taking an approach of continuous improvement, and in the spirit of the industry’s common Code of Conduct goals, Cadence commits to progressively align their operations with the provisions of the RBA Code of Conduct and to support and encourage their first-tier suppliers to do the same.


LEED Certified Building

Energy Star Compliant

ISO 13485

Sustainable Development Goals

How company covers SDGs

SDG 9: 


Cadence Products – Helping Customers Develop More Sustainable Products Cadence’s Intelligent System Design strategy enables the customers to design innovative and differentiated electronic products. One of the essential drivers for the electronics industry is the desire to develop products that continuously reduce power consumption while increasing performance.

Awareness of power usage, performance, and area (PPA) in electronic design is critical. They understand these pressures and continue to innovate and provide technology to achieve the ideal combination of low power with high performance in smaller form factors. Cadence introduced Tempus” Power Integrity in 2019, which allows design teams to identify areas in the design where they might have to account for possible spikes or drops in voltage and fix those areas so they are optimized and more power-aware.

This capability greatly lowers overall power consumption, making the design more efficient while not impacting performance. They also launched their Celsius” Thermal Solver, which enables customers to mitigate thermal issues from chip to package to printed circuit board all the way through to system enclosures. Cadence is the only provider to offer customers this holistic view of their products at a complete system level. This view gives customers not only the opportunity to identify “hot spots” in design early so they can be addressed and minimize late-stage modifications but also enables them to find opportunities for product differentiation. 


According to the company’s Sustainable report 2019

Progress on Cadence 2019 Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategies


Candance Intelligent System Design strategy guides everything they do, influencing their product and service offerings, as well as partnerships with other industry leaders. Their products and services enable customers to design innovative and differentiated electronic products. They believe that giving the customers a systems-level perspective throughout the design cycle provides faster and better design, shorter verification cycles, seamless integration of software and hardware, and new product leadership. They promote innovation at every level within Cadence. 

Their focus on the following in 2019: They launched two products that help their customers look at the entire system, including power and thermal implications. With one of the new products, the Celsius Thermal Solver, customers can mitigate thermal issues from chip to package to board all the way through to system enclosures.


High-Performance Culture outlines the values and behaviours that will enable their employees to succeed at Cadence.  The company embed these values and behaviours throughout the business and use them to drive the business objectives. These values also influence their practices for hiring, goal setting, development, promotion, and recognition. The Great Place to Work Institute recognises Cadence as an exceptional employer in many regions around the world. Their diverse team of passionate, dedicated, and talented employees go above and beyond for their customers,  communities, and each other.  

Their focus on the following in 2019: They reviewed gender pay equity in all countries where Cadence has employees and as of July 1, 2019. there were no statistically significant differences in salaries based on gender in any country where they operate. They also provided unconscious bias workshops to managers to challenge themselves and improve diversity and inclusiveness at Cadence. 


They regularly evaluate new ways to lessen the environmental impact of their facilities and business operations. Cadence monitors its performance on energy, water, waste, and emissions to conserve resources and reduce costs. Their culture of giving back inspires employees to plan environmental initiatives that improve the sustainability of communities where they operate.  

Their focus on the following in 2019: They tracked and reviewed their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their energy use across their operations. 


3D Cadence implements data privacy and security policies and procedures to protect its customers, partners, and employees. Their Information Security team works to identify and prevent risks to the protected data they collect.  

Their Chief Information Security Officer administers their data privacy and security program, with oversight from their Board’s Audit Committee.  

Their focus on the following in 2019: They implemented changes responsive to the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Cadence benchmarks the corporate governance practices of its S&P 500 peers and makes amendments to its practices to reflect their best practices.  The Board, through its Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee, regularly reviews their corporate social responsibility program.  In their annual engagement with stockholders in 2019, they discussed their environmental, social, and governance efforts in addition to their Board’s composition and diversity of background.
 Their focus on the following in 2019: They reported to their Board of Directors on their environmental, social, and governance efforts and initiatives.  

Cadence is committed to doing business honestly and ethically everywhere they operate. They expect their suppliers to conduct themselves with the same high standards as their own employees.  To ensure their relationships with the suppliers meet and support these expectations, they joined the Responsible Business Alliance as an Affiliate Member in 2018. 

Their focus on the following in 2019: They aligned their supply chain sustainability efforts with the Responsible Business Alliance’s vision of a global electronics industry that creates sustainable value for workers, the environment, and business.  

Cadence Design System has some certificates but does not obtain largely recognised like FTSE, CDP. Cadence has many awards and is listed in the GRI Index. Cadence Design Systems does well on LEED certification of buildings and transition to San Jose Clean Energy and identifying areas of sustainability actions. Cadence can work on communicating the SDGs and mention their contribution for a better understanding of their sustainable Hence, The company gets the rating B.

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