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Canadian Utilities

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Company Activity

Canadian Utilities Limited is a global enterprise company. Its segments include Electricity, Pipeline & Liquids, and Corporate & Other. 

Its Electricity segment’s activities are conducted through two regulated businesses; ATCO Electric Distribution and ATCO Electric Transmission, and three non-regulated businesses, ATCO Power, ATCO Power Australia and Alberta PowerLine (APL). 

The Pipelines & Liquids segment’s activities are conducted through three regulated businesses, ATCO Gas, ATCO Pipelines and ATCO Gas Australia, and one non-regulated business, ATCO Energy Solutions. It delivers natural gas distribution and transmission services, energy storage, and industrial water solutions to existing and new customers. 

The Corporate & Other segment includes retail energy business, which through ATCOenergy, sells electricity and natural gas to large commercial retail customers. It also includes the commercial real estate in Alberta, and the strategic investment and expansion into Mexico.

Core Vision: “Our core vision is to improve the lives of our customers by providing sustainable, innovative and comprehensive solutions globally. We believe in well-managed risk and a disciplined approach to growth. We fuel the imagination of our people to drive growth over the long-term, ultimately delivering value to our customers and our share owners.”

Mission: “From the reliable natural gas that heats your home to the electricity that lights your community, it has been our mission to make your life easier at home for more than 70 years. It’s a responsibility – and a privilege – we take very seriously.”


HOME: For more than 70 years, Canadian Utilities have been energizing homes, farms and businesses across Alberta and around the world. In north and east-central Alberta, they deliver safe and reliable electricity to nearly 227,000 customers. They also read your meter, help you with high load moves, install new service to your home, maintain the street lights that keep your community safe, and so much more.

BUSINESS: For over 70 years, Canadian Utilities have been energizing businesses and industries in Canada and around the world. They are always pushing to meet the growing needs of their customers in a rapidly evolving world, leaning on their deep expertise and comprehensive experience that is second to none. From major transmission projects in Alberta, to natural gas-fired generation in Australia and distributed generation in Mexico, their mission is to make electricity easy, wherever you may be or whatever you may need.

Natural Gas 

HOME: Canadian Utilities has been providing natural gas to heat your home; ensuring you have hot water so you can relax in the tub after a long day; or prepare a lovely dinner for your family is their mission. They serve more than 1.1 million customers in over 300 communities in Alberta. They want to keep your furnaces warm and your stove burning blue. 

BUSINESS (Pipelines & Liquids): As Alberta’s most experienced natural gas distribution company, they can deliver the innovative, quality products and services you need so you can focus on what’s most important – your core business.

At the ATCO Heartland Energy Centre, the largest hydrocarbon processing region in Canada and centrally located within the Alberta Industrial Heartland, they also provide a full suite of energy infrastructure solutions for customers in the area – from energy storage options to transportation and processing services, or industrial water solutions.

Energy plans

HOME: Canadian Utilities is an electricity and natural gas retailer. They are here to provide clarity about how you use energy and pay for it, give you great rates, and provide customer service that focuses on you, the customer. “We’ve figured out what’s important to you, which is why we’ve developed plans that include a host of perks, including multiple payment options and low admin fees.”

Global Operations

Whether delivering natural gas and electricity to communities throughout Alberta and Northern Canada, keeping the lights on in Mexico with clean hydroelectricity, or developing highly efficient natural gas-fired power plants in Australia, the scope and scale of Canadian Utilities operations are truly global. Over the course of more than 70-year history, they have developed integrated solutions you can rely on.

Company Sustainable Activity


Energy Stewardship: 

  • Up to 60% reduction in fuel costs for customers when they switch from diesel or propane to natural gas for onsite construction energy needs, as well as up to 40% reduction in GHG emissions.
  • 25% reduction in heating energy demand due to higher energy efficiency in their affordable housing solutions.
  • 15 new EV charging stations installed in Alberta through the Peaks to Prairies Project, with all 20 charging stations scheduled to be in service in 2020
  • Over 3,100-kW of solar power projects planned for two remote communities by the end of 2020, including 600-kW already energized in 2019.
  • 3.5% hydrogen successfully blended with natural gas as part of the Clean Energy Innovation Hub in Australia, with a longterm goal of blending up to 15% hydrogen.
  • 30% of streetlights in their service area converted to LED
  • 1st year of mCHP commercialization, with each mCHP unit capable of reducing GHG emissions by 3.5 tonnes a year
  • 531-MWhv of solar energy generated by Source Energy Co. for its customers
  • 11,490 Renewable Energy Credits redeemed on behalf of ATCOenergy customers 
  • $1.2 billion spent on new and refurbished energy infrastructure projects 
  • Over $3 million invested globally in natural gas innovation to develop and test technology that affordably reduces GHG emissions
  • 95% of their natural gas customers and 94 per cent of their electricity distribution customers agree we provide good service

Environmental Stewardship:

  • Nearly 25% of their global power generation portfolio is now hydroelectric.
  • 23% reduction in their direct GHG emissions in 2019, equal to almost 2.5 million tonnes.
  • 775 tonnes of GHG emissions avoided at ATCO operations in 2019 by switching to renewable energy sources.
  • 18-MW Cabrero Solar Project in Chile will provide clean energy to the Chilean electricity grid. The first 3-MW phase is expected to be operational in 2020.
  • 65% progress towards their goal of completing inline inspections on natural gas transmission lines by 2024


  • 27% reduction in employee lost-time incident frequency in 2019.
  • More than 240 ATCO employees contributed to the coordinated response effort to the 2019 wildfires in northwest Alberta.
  • Over 175% increase in voluntary participation by ATCO employees in programs promoting health and wellness in 2019.
  • 35 Siksika Nation participants attended an Incident Management Training Course. The course was built in partnership with the Nation to increase self-sufficiency in preparation, response and recovery from disasters.
  • Over 40% reduction in farmingand forestry-related powerline contacts
  • 46% reduction in contacts with their natural gas pipelines by contractors as a result of their outreach efforts

Community & Indigenous Relations: 

  • $9.3M invested in communities through giftsin-kind, sponsorships, donations and our matching contribution to the employeeled ATCO Employees Participating in Communities (ATCO EPIC) program.
  • 50 partnerships, joint ventures and relationship agreements with Indigenous communities, generating more than $220 million in economic benefits for our Indigenous partners in 2019.
  • 40% equity interest in APL Fort McMurray West 500-kV Transmission line purchased by seven Indigenous communities along the route.
  • Over 500 employees completed Indigenous awareness training in 2019. This is in addition to offering foundational Indigenous awareness training online to all Canadian employees since 2016.
  • $2.7M raised for charities through our ATCO EPIC campaign with more than $44 million raised for charities since inception in 2006
  • $12M in economic benefits to local communities from our Pembina-Keephills Transmission Pipeline Project


ATCO Electric’s Transmission Division: ISO 14001

Sustainable Development Goals

How company covers SDGs

SDG 7: 

They aim to provide access to secure, reliable and affordable energy to support the vitality of their communities.


They continue to work with customers to provide access to clean and affordable energy by identifying the right combination of innovative technologies. Solutions include integrating mCHP, rooftop solar panels and energy storage, as well as larger integrated-systems scale solutions such as RNG and hydrogen.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • 38 mCHP units sold in first year of commercialization.
  • 3.5 per cent hydrogen successfully blended with natural gas as part of the CEIH.
  • Began construction of the 59 km Pembina-Keephills Transmission Pipeline Project to enable coal-to-gas conversion for electricity generation.
  • Installed natural gas infrastructure to 75 homes with Paul First Nation.
  • 11,490 RECs redeemed on behalf of ATCO energy customers.


Across their operations, they continue to advance new renewable technologies. Whether it’s solar panels or hydroelectric power, they have the expertise to deliver reliable and innovative clean energy solutions.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Improved access to renewable energy in remote communities through completing a 600-kW solar project in Fort Chipewyan, Alta. and a 940-kW solar project in Old Crow, Yukon.
  • Sale of power generation assets removed coal-power generation from their portfolio, with remaining generation capacity nearly 25 per cent hydroelectric.
  • Developing a 18-MW Cabrero Solar Project in Chile.
  • Installed solar panels at five of their Canadian locations, with the combined potential to supply 1,156-MWh of energy and reduce GHG emissions by 630 tonnes a year.


They seek to understand the evolving energy needs of their customers and develop efficient and effective solutions that support the transition to a lower-emitting energy system. They collaborate with customers and partners to enable energyefficient solutions, such as switching to more efficient fuels and reducing energy consumption.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Converted 5,044 streetlights, or over 30% of streetlights in their service area, to LED.
  • Construction Energy Services enables customers to use natural gas, which is 15 per cent cleaner than propane and 40 per cent cleaner than diesel, and can save customers up to 60 per cent on fuel costs.

SDG 8: 

They keep their people safe. They seek and respect diverse thoughts and perspectives.


They continue to develop new and innovative models of economic participation with their Indigenous partners.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Seven Indigenous communities purchased a combined 40 per cent equity interest in APL.
  • Over $220 million in economic benefit generated for their Indigenous partners.
  • Over $70 million in contracts awarded to Indigenous and Indigenous-affiliated contractors.
  • Partnership with Three Nations Energy to expand their solar project to include a 2,200-kW solar farm, battery energy storage and microgrid control system.


Their safety programs include all employees and contractors in all locations. They actively share best practices among business units and jurisdictions.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Zero lost time injuries for a 17th consecutive year in their Natural Gas Transmission division.
  • Zero recordable incidents at their electricity generation facility in Mexico since they entered the partnership in 2016.
  • Extensive safety initiatives focused on strong leadership and empowering employees, including safety essentials training for managers and a safety assessment survey for employees.
  • Over 1,200 attendees participated in a wide variety of mental health training and awareness sessions offered across the globe.


The strength of their workforce comes from diversity. Their policies ensure they hire people based on their experience and expertise. They also provide skills training and apprenticeship opportunities.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • 30 per cent women in total workforce, and 20 per cent women in senior management.
  • Kitchen Skills program employed 15 Indigenous students following completion of the training.
  • 43 Indigenous students participated in ATCO Explore to further discover career and education opportunities.
  • Over 500 employees completed Indigenous awareness training

SDG 11: 

They engage openly, transparently and honestly and create long-lasting relationships. Their services contribute to sustainable communities and economic development.


Their modular structures division showcases their ability to rapidly deliver residential solutions using energy-efficient modular construction techniques to address the growing demand for affordable housing.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Built 15 homes for veterans through the Homes for Heroes Foundation.
  • Developed three multi-storey residential buildings in B.C. to address the need for affordable housing.


They enable low-carbon transportation solutions such as CNG and EV charging infrastructure.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • 15 EV charging stations installed, with a total of 20 to be completed in 2020 through their Peaks to Prairies Project.
  • Developing two publicly accessible CNG refueling stations.


They continue to support the Canadian Armed Forces, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and various non-government organizations in disaster and emergency response services.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Emergency response for Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe.
  • Logistics expertise following Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.
  • In Alberta, they partnered with the Siksika Nation to create an Emergency Management curriculum.

SDG 13: 

Across their operations, they are focused on reducing GHG emissions, reducing their energy demands though improved efficiency and improving the resiliency of their infrastructure.


They carefully manage climate-related risks by preparing for, and responding to, extreme weather events and continuing to evaluate ways to create greater system reliability and resiliency.

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  •  $1.2 billion invested in new and refurbished energy infrastructure.
  • 65 per cent progress towards their goal of completing inline inspections on natural gas transmission lines by 2024.
  • Expanded disclosures aligned to TCFD recommendations in ATCO’s Management’s Discussion & Analysis.


They reduce both the direct and indirect GHG emissions associated with their operations by exploring new and more efficient ways to generate, transport and conserve energy

ATCO’s Contributions in 2019:

  • Absolute GHG emissions reduced 51 per cent since 2008, primarily related to decreased electricity generation, fuelswitching initiatives, and the sale of their Canadian fossil fuelbased electricity generation portfolio in Q3-2019.
  • 60 per cent reduction in GHG emissions from their Jandakot facility in Western Australia because it now uses solar power and battery storage.



Air Emissions

Direct greenhouse gases (Scope 1) (kilotonnes CO2e):

  • 2018: 10,808
  • 2019: 8,319

Indirect greenhouse gases (Scope 2) (kilotonnes CO2e):

  • 2018: 43
  • 2019: 108

Carbon monoxide (tonnes): 

  • 2018: 2,131
  • 2019: 1,460

Water Use (million m3 )

  • 2018: 21.2 
  • 2019: 16.0


Hydrocarbon – volume (m3):

  • 2018: 5.2
  • 2019: 12

Hazardous Waste:

  • 2018: 3,947
  • 2019: 1,226


Health & Safety

Lost-time incident rate (employees) (cases/200,000 hours worked): 

  • 2018: 0.16
  • 2019: 0.12


Women in workforce (per cent):

  • 2018: 31
  • 2019: 30 

Women on Board of Directors (per cent):

  • 2018: 30
  • 2019: 33


Economic Value Generated ($ million)

  • 2018: 4,888
  • 2019: 4,706

Economic Value Distributed

Suppliers ($ million)

  • 2018: 2,084
  • 2019: 1,785

Employees ($ million)

  • 2018: 599
  • 2019: 538

Canadian Utilities, part of the ATCO group, holds very few certificates and awards. The ATCO group stated clear goals linked to the UN SDGs and reports on progress with a good transparency. Despite the lack of certificates and recognitions, Canadian Utilities is rated as a B company because of its sustainable actions and initiatives.


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