Carbon Care ® Certified






Carbon Care ® Certified

Certificate Description

The Carbon Care certification recognizes an organization’s efforts to responsibly manage and reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The certification confirms that the organization is sensitive to climate change, and proactive in its emissions management. Through the certification process, all efforts that are put into quantifying, reducing and offsetting GHG emissions are recognized. The Carbon Care Certification provides a tool to proudly convey responsible management of GHG emissions and commitment to act on climate change.

The process to obtain the certification is built in accordance with strict GHG verification and quantification standards to ensure its credibility. The Carbon Care Certification is accessible to private companies as well as public organizations such as financial and educational institutions. Any organization with a GHG inventory meeting the requirements and with tangible proof of its commitment towards GHG reduction is eligible. Two levels of certification are available: basic and carbon-neutral.

The certification is developed and managed by Enviro-access, whose mission is based on encouraging and supporting emerging social entreprises and innovative projects that contribute to the improvement of environmental impacts at a local and global scale.

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