Carbon Neutral Certification






Carbon Neutral Certification

Certificate Description

The Carbon Neutral Certification measures the annual emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels, power used from the grid, business travel and waste, as an aim for companies to become carbon neutral.

The program proposes a four-step approach to becoming carbon neutral: First, it starts with an auditing process that defines a company’s annual carbon footprint. Next, they retire, on the company’s behalf, carbon offsets that match their carbon footprint. They then certify their business operations Carbon Neutral. Finally, they provide the green messaging tools needed to publicize the company’s status as a Carbon Neutral organization as well as the use of the Carbon Neutral Certification seal.

The certification is developed and managed by Verus Carbon Neutral, a team of engineers, scientists, financial analysts and communications professionals who specialize in the measurement and reduction of energy use and environmental impact.

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