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  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 
  • Black Enterprise 50 Best Companies for Diversity 2018
  • Black EOE Journal Magazine – Best Place to Work
  • Latino 100 Company, Best Companies for Latinos (Latino Magazine) 2019
    • One of the Top 5 Companies for Hispanic Diversity by Latino Leader
    • Disability Equality Index Best Places to Work (United States Business Leadership Women
    • Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index, 2018 Scored 100%, Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality




Mary Tullis Engvall


  • Military Friendly Best Places to Work Award 2018 & 2019
  • Military Spouse Best Places to Work Award 2019





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Company Activity

Within its international division, Cigna is focused on the needs of International Organizations. They are headquartered in Belgium with over 50 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing international group health insurance and employee benefits programs for international and locally recruited staff from Intergovernmental (IGO) and Nongovernmental (NGO) organizations. These programs cover medical as well as incapacity, disability and life benefits, with a specific focus on keeping employees healthy and productive through a range of services.

The International Organizations unit is specialized in servicing customers in remote areas as well as central hubs with five service centers in each time zone (Miami, Antwerp, Madrid, Nairobi and Kuala Lumpur) and local representations on every continent. Cigna is an expert in international health insurance and employee benefits for intergovernmental organizations and multinational corporations. For more than 50 years, Cigna has acquired an in-depth understanding of the daily challenges faced by international organizations, expatriates, and their families. Thanks to this extensive knowledge and expertise, they arrange coverage even when others do not.

Company Sustainable Activity


Customers and Clients

  • Partnered with over 1 million prescribing physicians and, in 2018, achieved their bold goal of reducing opioid use among their customers by 25%, 1 year ahead of schedule
  • Expanded their goal to reduce customer overdoses in targeted communities by 25% by the end of 2021 
  • Engaged with more than 85,000 prescribers annually whose patients have a concerning pattern of opioid prescription use to ensure that prescriptions are appropriate, medically necessary, and safe for the patient 
  • Released results from a national survey exploring the impact of loneliness in the United States which received 9 billion media impressions 
  • Reached over 3.6 million commercial customers with access to value-based care. 96% of Cigna’s customers in tier top 40 markets are within 15 miles of at least 3 primary health care providers in a collaborative care arrangement 
  • Achieved their 50/90 value-based payment goal set by the Department of Health & Human Services (50 percent of payments in alternative payment models and 90 percent in value-based arrangements by the end of 2018)
  • Engaged approximately 200 employees in Cigna Health Equity Council Forums each quarter 


  • Contributed $24.3 million in combined Cigna Giving through their Foundation, Civic Affairs, and employee volunteering 
  • Funded 15 Cigna Foundation World of Difference Grants to address health disparities and advance community health navigation • Provided the Health Improvement Tour at 446 events in 252 cities, offering over 25,000 free biometric screenings and health coaching to communities since 2016 
  • Logged 80,529 hours of Cigna employee volunteer service valued at over $2 million 
  • Provided over 600 hours of skill-based community volunteering and over 100 hours of pro bono work from Cigna legal associates 
  • Packed more than 3.6 million meals for Feeding Children Everywhere since 2013 for hungry children
  • Donated over 3,000 pounds of food to a Connecticut-based regional food bank 
  • Announced new $25 million, 5-year commitment to “Healthier Kids for Our Future”
  • Engaged more than 21,000 employees and their families from 28 countries to join Cigna’s Fitness Challenge, culminating in over 39.6 million minutes of exercise with an aggregate weight loss of 39,521 pounds
  • Reached 97% of employees and families that are tobacco-free


  • Worked toward Cigna’s 2020 environmental targets of 20% absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 15% absolute reduction in energy use, and 10% absolute reduction in water consumption (from 2013 base year) 
  • Reached 16 LEED® certified buildings and 34 sites currently enrolled in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program 
  • Donated over 16 computers to Connecticut non-profits, including schools, libraries, hospitals and homeless shelters, through  Cigna IT Computer Donation program
  • Encouraged more than 4.3 million Cigna customers to opt out of paper statements, resulting in eliminating 43 million paper statements and envelopes since 2012
  • Diverted over 5,760 tons of waste from landfills through Cigna’s 100% paper shredding policy for all office paper since 2014 
  • Recycled nearly 250 tons of cans, bottles, and cardboard; equipment; and materials that were removed as part of building renovations, at their corporate headquarters (equivalent to the weight of over 40 elephants) 
  • Avoided consumption of an estimated 200,000+ single-use plastic bottles by implementing infused water stations at their corporate headquarters 
  • Donated over 16 computers to Connecticut non-profits, including schools, libraries, hospitals, and homeless shelters, through their Cigna IT Computer Donation program 

Inclusive and Responsible Business Diversity 

  • Supported 9 Cigna Colleague Resource Groups (including more than 4,800 employees) to generate actionable insights and innovate products and services that are culturally relevant and appropriate in meeting the needs of emerging, influential consumers of health services *
  • Continued 110 Lean In Circles to provide the power of peer support through guided education and peer mentoring
  • Facilitated a Cross Cultural Diversity Forum comprised of 5 work groups across different teams within Cigna’s Consumer Health Engagement area, providing culturally diverse content and education to approximately 1,515 staff 
  • Contracted providers completed 398 cultural competency training courses
  • Cigna employees completed over 28,400 cultural competency or language assistance services training courses.
  • Scored 100% on the Corporate Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign
  • Scored 100% on the Disability Equality IndexSM Award from U.S. Business Leadership Network® 
  • Scored 5 out of 5 in 3 of the 4 pillars on the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility’s Corporate Inclusion Index 
  • Established goal to increase supplier diversity spend by at least 30%

Training and Development

  • Recognized 11,500 employees through Cigna Champions program in the United States 
  • Engaged approximately 2,000 Cigna employees in a Leadership Colloquia series designed to inform and influence Cigna’s global business strategy and leadership development through dialog with external thought leaders across a variety of disciplines 
  • Contributed approximately $11.6 million in educational reimbursement for about 2,500 Cigna colleagues 

Ethics & Governance 

  • Trained 100% of new employees in their newly refreshed Code of Ethics and all existing employees affirm their adherence to the Code annually 
  • Supported their commitment to the United Nations Global Compact to back the Compact’s 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption across the enterprise
  • Continued their Privacy Steward program to support and drive privacy compliance within the business/ corporate areas 
  • Communicated their Supplier Code of Conduct to support their responsible sourcing practices 
  • Continued enterprise-wide guidance of Cigna Connects through Cigna Connects Corporate Responsibility Governance Council comprised of 20 cross-functional leaders



Reducing emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste to landfill 

      • Cigna currently has 16 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Certified buildings in their real estate portfolio, including 2 Platinum LEED® certified properties; 5 Gold LEED® certified properties; and 8 Silver LEED® certified properties. Cigna Tower in Seoul, South Korea, a Cigna-owned site, also holds a LEED® Gold certification and G-SEED certification. 
      • Cigna’s global real estate team currently has 34 sites enrolled in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program that was developed to monitor a building’s energy and compare performance on an ongoing basis. In addition, all 12 of Cigna office locations in the United Kingdom hold an ISO.50001, Energy Management System Accreditation.
    • Engaging with their employees and key stakeholders to support their corporate responsibility platform

Identifying energy and emissions reduction opportunities 

    • Deploying water efficient technologies and practices 
      • MONITOR water consumption performance. 
      • MAXIMIZE fixture potable water efficiency within buildings with the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures, sensors, and automatic controls. 
      • PRACTICE water-efficient landscaping and use smart-efficiency irrigation technology. 
      • PROTECT natural habitat, waterways, and water supply from pollutants carried by building discharge water
      • Cigna employs numerous recycling programs to assist us with their waste management efforts, which include Paper, Plastic and Glass, Cafeteria and break rooms, Ink and Toners, Furniture and computer repurposing donation, Lamps and Ballasts 

Community resilience 

        • Driving local Impact through Cigna’s GreenSTEPS Program 
        • Serving their customers affected by extreme weather events 
        • Advancing the conversation on the link between climate change and human health


Diversity and inclusion 

      • Optimizing workforce composition, development and engagement 
      • Differentiating the customers connection and enhancing value to client 
      • Developing culturally competent partnerships 
      • Creating value for emerging communities 
    • Leadership development training 
    • Equitable compensation 

Cigna University

    • Social technology that enables sharing and co-creation between people and functions not otherwise connected 
    • Immersive experiences designed to create transformational change in mindset, skills, and behaviors 
    • Gamification and new social learning technologies 
    • Micro-learning that creates short and easy-to-grasp information on trending topics

Employee Health, safety and wellness 

  1. Get preventive care
  2. 2. Work with a personal coach to make progress towards their goals
  3. 3. Receive support to quit tobacco, lose weight, and replace stress with resiliency
  4. 4. Learn how to choose energy boosting meals and be more physically active
  5. 5. Better manage chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, and many more conditions
  6. 6. Engage in global campaigns focused on  key health priorities including resiliency, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and financial wellbeing


  • Community investment 
    • Cigna foundation 
    • Cigna Charitable giving 
    • Employees volunteerism and giving 
  • Global citizenship


  • ISO 27001 (information security standards) 
  • ISO 9001 (quality) 
  • all (12) of Cigna office locations in the United Kingdom hold ISO.50001, (Energy Management System Accreditation).
  • Cigna currently has 16 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Certified buildings in  real estate portfolio, including 2 Platinum LEED® certified properties; 5 Gold LEED® certified properties; and 8 Silver LEED® certified properties.
  • Cigna Tower in Seoul, South Korea, a Cigna-owned site, also holds a LEED® Gold certification and G-SEED certification.

Sustainable Development Goals

How the company cover SDGs




Cigna is very dedicated to announce their improvements towards their sustainability activity, and how their company runs. They manage their sustainability thinking on their insurance rules and get certified for how well they run their building (ISO 50001, LEED Certification, …) But because they don’t hold preliminary certificates according to our ranking system, we rate them a B.


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