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  • Hong Kong Green Organisations by the Environment Protection Department in 2018,
  • Indoor Air Quality Certificate Awards
  • Green Office Award Labelling Scheme
  • Energy Saving Outstanding Award
  • Energy Saving Achievement Award and Joint Energy Saving Award in CLP Smart Energy Award 2018
  • 10th Anniversary Special Award in Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
  • “EcoChallenger” and “EcoPartner” in BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards




CK Asset Holdings Limited

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Company Activity

CK Asset Holdings Limited (“CK Asset” or “the Group”) is a leading multinational corporation committed to achieving long-term sustainable growth through continual strengthening of its existing property businesses, and steady enhancement of its recurring income base via prudent investment strategy. The Group has diverse capabilities with activities encompassing property development and investment, hotel and serviced suite operation, property and project management, investment in infrastructure and utility asset operation, brewery and pub operation and aircraft leasing.

As one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong, CK Asset has a leading market share in Hong Kong, an extensive portfolio in Mainland China, and a significant presence in Singapore and the United Kingdom. With its long history of property development expertise, the Group has built many of Hong Kong’s most notable landmark buildings and complexes, some of which form part of its core asset holdings.

The Group also holds unitholding interests in three listed real estate investment trusts, namely Hui Xian REIT (stock code: 87001), Fortune REIT (stock code: 778), and Prosperity REIT (stock code: 808).

In addition to the property businesses, CK Asset has diversified globally through quality investments with stable recurring revenue on a worldwide basis. It has extended its reach to the sector of infrastructure and utility assets, brewery and pub operation as well as aircraft leasing, with investments and operations now spanning continental Europe, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The Group’s infrastructure and utility assets include the CK William Group, which owns and operates energy utility assets in Australia, namely Multinet Gas, Dampier Bunbury Pipeline, United Energy, and Energy Developments; ista, which is one of the world’s leading fully integrated energy management services providers with strong market positions in European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and France; and Reliance Home Comfort, which is principally engaged in the building equipment services sector mainly in Canada. All businesses provide the Group with a solid platform for generation of stable revenue and cashflows.

The Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary Greene King is an integrated brewer and pub retailer with approximately 38,000 staff, operating over 2,700 pubs, restaurants and hotels across England, Wales and Scotland.

The Group’s aircraft leasing investments are managed by AMCK Aviation Holdings Ireland Limited. With a disciplined investment approach and an experienced local team, the Group aims to invest primarily in more liquid narrowbody Airbus and Boeing aircraft to generate steady income streams on a medium to long term basis.

Company Sustainable Activity

According to the company 


  • The Group is committed to managing GHG by incorporating green practices in its daily operations.  During the Reporting Period, the Group took various actions to manage GHG. Notable examples include: performing carbon audits in certain residential, commercial or industrial properties managed by the Group’s property management subsidiaries (“Managed Properties”); using low-emissions equipment in certain offices, hotels of the Harbour Plaza Hotel Management Group (“Hotels”) and Managed Properties; using environmentally friendly refrigerants in air-conditioners installed in certain Hotels and Managed Properties; requiring restaurants at the Hotels and Managed Properties to apply practical pollution control measures against cooking fume emissions; using ultra-low sulphur diesel oil for the emergency generators in the Hotels; and installing charging facilities for electric cars at the Harbour Grand Hong Kong and certain Managed Properties. The Group is committed to minimising waste by avoiding generation of waste at source and reusing and recycling waste produced.

  • The Group achieves higher energy efficiency through adopting resource efficiency and eco-friendly measures and by optimising the use of resources in its business operations.
  • Use of packaging materials is not considered to be a material ESG aspect in the Group’s property development, property management and aircraft leasing businesses. Regarding its hotel and serviced suite operation, Harbour Plaza Hotel Management Group has adopted the following practices with a view to minimising its use of packaging material:

    • using paper bags made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper as an alternative for plastic bags to carry dry food items; 
    • providing plastic shopping bags only upon request; 
    • reducing the use of packaging materials for bathroom amenities; and 
    • using biodegradable plastics for packaging materials.


  • The Group is committed to reducing the use of water by promoting awareness of water conservation amongst its employees, contractors, tenants and hotel guests.
  • The Group is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its development properties from as early as the planning and design stage through incorporating insulation and sun-shading features in the building envelope, adopting naturally ventilated staircases and lift lobbies in residential buildings, using double-glazing with Low-E glass and insulated window frames, optimising the size of windows. These help to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort levels in the buildings.
  • The Group is committed to managing the impact of our construction projects and business operations on the environment and natural resources. The Group’s property management subsidiaries strive to uplift the quality of living environment of the Managed Properties through comprehensive landscape planning and management. In 2018, a property managed by Goodwell attained the Gold Award (Large-scale Domestic Property – Properties of 21 years of age or above) of “Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development” organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
  • The Group is committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity in recruitment, internal transfer and promotion. 
  • The Group aspires to develop employees by providing them with opportunities to advance their careers.
  • The Group strives to make its shares of contributions towards enhancing the well-being of society through community investment. Apart from making donations to charitable organisations, members of the Group also took the initiative to support local communities and promote youth development.”


  • ISO 14001 (3 properties)
  • Tree Conservation Scheme (certain hotels and managed properties)
  • 56 Wastewi$e Certificates

Sustainable Development Goals:


How company covers SDGs



In 2018, due to the increase in the volume of business of certain Hotels, a total of approximately 29 tonnes of packaging materials were used by the Hotels compared with 27 tonnes in 2017.

CK Asset Holdings Limited report that they take good measures towards sustainability development. However, throughout their annual report, they don’t provide Key Performance Indicators or clear data to back up their claims. They do not specify which SDGs they are targeting, and the progress achieved is barely talked about. This lack of transparency appears like a greenwashing practice. The company is rated as a D.



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