Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCB Standards)






Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCB Standards)

Certificate Description

The Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards identify land management projects that deliver net positive benefits for climate change mitigation, for local communities and for biodiversity.

The CCB Standards can be applied to any land management project, including projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation or from avoided degradation of other ecosystems, and projects that remove carbon dioxide by sequestering carbon, or other land management, from design through implementation and monitoring.

The CCB Standards were developed by the CCBA, a partnership of leading international NGOs whose mission is to stimulate and promote land management activities that credibly mitigate global climate change, improve the well-being and reduce the poverty of local communities, and conserve biodiversity. They have been managed by Verra since November 2014.

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