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  • Euronext-Vigeo Eiris France 20, Europe 120, Eurozone 120, World 120 
  • Climate A-list of the CPD 
  • Ecovadis (Gold level) 
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index  Europe and World indices.
  • Green star in the GRESB assessment (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)  (80/100)
  • FTSE4Good
  • European real estate association
  • Oekom research
  •  Prime Universe.
  • Global ESG Leaders
  • Gaia
  • Ethibel





Julie de Nailly


EPRA Gold Award





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Company Activity

According to Covivio, their mission turns around 2 notions: 

“A vision for living real estate

Space for a living real estate that supports the changing relationship between people and cities. With cooperation as a part of our DNA along with our expertise in real estate and our European culture, we are getting closer to the users and harnessing their ambitions in order to co-create and collectively inspire the kind of real estate that reflects them.

It’s by taking this approach that we have moved from a sense of ownership to an operator, acting as an investor as well as a developer, manager and creator of services.

Build sustainable relationships and well-being

Through its Purpose, Covivio expresses its role as a responsible real estate operator to all its stakeholders: customers, shareholders and financial partners, internal teams, local authorities but also to future generations and the planet.”

Company Sustainable Activity

According to the company 

“Covivio launched a responsible policy back in 2010 to secure a commitment from our suppliers and advisors to our sustainable development objectives. The policy was deployed in 2011 and uses four tools that were adapted in 2018 to meet new regulatory requirements (Sapin II, etc…). 

These tools are:

  • The responsible purchasing charter itself
  • CSR clauses in contracts to promote good social behaviours and reduce the carbon and energy footprint of our activities.
  • A survey questionnaire to gain a better understanding of the business in our supply chain
  • Annual review of the questionnaire responses of our suppliers by an independent third party.

Responsible Supplier Relationship Charter

Covivio signed the Responsible Supplier Relationship Charter – a government initiative – in 2015. It promotes dialogue and a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers.

Our responsible purchasing charter has now been signed by 370 suppliers and independent advisors, which account for 80% of our expenses. This result shows our partners commitment to our values and the principles of the diversity charter the ILO and the Global Compact.

We intend to use this impetus to bring people together and raise awareness among players in our ecosystem around the transparency, excellence, ethics and integrity as well as fraud, corruption and bribery risks. 

Adherence to this charter means that our suppliers are expected to commit to all 10 principles described below as well as to secure a commitment from their own suppliers. They must also commit to producing the relevant documents required to assess due respect to these principles and to facilitate potential audits requested by Covivio.

Our Responsible Purchasing Charter was launched in 2010 and since then has helped us build stronger relationships with proactive suppliers willing to put environmental, ethical and human considerations at the heart of their activities.

Toward 100% environmentally-friendly properties and buildings

Covivio has set itself ambitious targets for the certification (HQE, BREEAM, LEED) of its portfolio (100% green properties by end-2020 for France Offices, 80% at end-2022 for Italy, and 66% for hotels in Europe by 2020). On every site, Covivio is optimising energy performance and reducing CO2 emissions by using a strong works policy and increasing the awareness of the various agents in the chain at every phase in the property’s life cycle: development, management, and renovation.

With its eco-construction approach, Covivio is co-building a more resilient, more inclusive city by working to combat climate change and urban sprawl, favouring the circular economy, and placing people at the centre of every project.

A strong regional commitment

Covivio, an ethical company, has endeavoured to quantify the socio-economic impact of its France Offices division since 2014, and its Italy Offices division since 2016. In 2018, Covivio expanded this study to hotels in Europe and to Germany and helped support 15 100 full-time jobs

Challenging and supporting suppliers through the Covivio CSR policy

Since 2011, Covivio has had a responsible purchasing policy, based on three tools: a Responsible Procurement Charter, CSR clauses included in its contracts, and a survey questionnaire on suppliers’ CSR practices. The Charter permanently covers over 80% of expenses.

Promoting equal opportunity

Since 2015, Covivio has been committed to the Article 1 Association in skills development and financial sponsorship initiatives, focusing on solidarity and equal opportunity for young students from low-income backgrounds. Internally, Covivio also has several mentors who coach these young people during their university studies. The group also supports the development of student housing.

Encouraging biodiversity

Biodiversity is a major issue for the entire real estate chain and the construction industry. It is a strong marker of the group’s CSR policy. Covivio is therefore striving to make each of its sites a driver for protecting biodiversity. Covivio has also defined European biodiversity guidelines for its various portfolios to better integrate its sites into their environment

Loyal, committed, and diverse human capital

As a signatory to the Diversity Charter and the Global Compact, Covivio works hard to attract and develop talent, a factor in the success and durability of its business model.

Governance founded on ethics and transparency

The Ethics Charter is the common core for each country in terms of regulatory compliance, covering fair competition as well as combating fraud, corruption, and money laundering.

The quality and transparency of Covivio’s financial and non-financial reporting was once again recognised in 2018 at the EPRA Annual Conference”.


  • ISO 50001
  • LEED Buildings 


Sustainable Development Goals

How company covers SDGs

Covivio, given the targets to which they refer:
The challenges represented by each of these objectives occupy an important place in Covivio’s CSR policy and its business model. Each one refers to both the actions performed for the building portfolios developed and held by Covivio and for the corporate scope of the Company internally as an employer. Covivio’s CSR policy is “global”, which means that it applies to these two perimeters and more generally, in other words, to all CSR compartments (p. 28-33 of the Covivio’s sustainable report).


More details to be found in their targets for 2020 document (cf sources). 

Since 2010, Covivio has launched a responsible policy with its suppliers and advisors to commit towards sustainable development goals. They follow the official SDGs of the United Nations and have a variety of certifications and awards related to sustainability. They are very transparent about their progress over the years and how-to will be achieving their goals in the future.


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