Donau Soja Standard



Donau Soja Standard

Certificate Description

The Donau Soja Standard is a product of controlled origin and quality. It has two essential characteristics: The soya originates from the Danube Region (European origin), and the soya beans and the products derived from them are non-GM.

In addition, the following requirements apply:

compliance with EU regulations concerning the use of pesticides in soya bean cultivation
compliance with EU-wide and international regulations on labour and social rights
no development of new agricultural land for Donau Soja soya production if this would result in the loss of national and international nature reserves, forests or moors
Donau Soja soya cultivation is limited to land that was designated for agricultural use no later than 1 January 2008

The standard is developed and managed by the DonauSoja Association, an international non-profit organisation based in Vienna whose goal is to promote the development of a sustainable and European protein supply.



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