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  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe
  • German Sustainability Prize
  • Econ Award
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Evonik Industries AG

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Company Activity

Evonik Industries AG operates as a holding company, which engages in the manufacture of specialty chemical products. The Nutrition & Care segment includes applications for everyday consumer goods as well as animal nutrition and health care. The Resource Efficiency segment supplies high-performance materials for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient systems to the automotive, paints and coatings, adhesives, construction, and other industries. The Performance Materials segment produces polymer materials and intermediates, mainly for the rubber, plastics and agriculture industries. The Services segment comprises site services, process technology and administrative services.

Company Sustainable Activity

  1. Sustainability is part of Evonik’s market proposition. Evokin reports extensively on their production footprint and the handprint of its business activities, i.e., the beneficial effects of using our products.They engage in constant dialogue with their stakeholders on social and ecological requirements. 
  1. Evonik is committed to foresighted resource management.Have defined ambitious new climate and water targets. By 2025 they aim to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent compared with 2008 (reference base). In future, internal CO2 pricing will be an additional criterion in the management of major investments. 
  1. Evonik has defined growth engines with a clear focus on sustainability .The business activities have both positive and negative impacts, which affect the UN SDGs. More than 80  percent of the Evonik Group’s sales make a positive contribution to achieving the UN SDGs. They systematically examine relevant sustainability aspects along the value chain.
  1. Evonik integrates sustainability into its strategic management processes .In 2018, they continued to develop their sustainability portfolio analysis, including testing and integration into our strategy process. The new process will be rolled out group-wide starting in 2019. It is based on the framework published by the Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), which Evonik played a key role in developing.
  1. Evonik sets high standards for continuous improvement of reporting.Focus on measurability and transparency, and have brought forward the publication date of its sustainability report to coincide with publication of its financial report.



Sustainable Development Goals


SDGs Covered:

SDG 1 No poverty: Evonik supports many social and ecological projects at its sites.

SDG 2 Biolys® promotes healthy growth of pigs and poultry.

SDG 3 VESTAKEEP® makes spinal implants transparent for x-rays.

SDG 4 Quality education: Highly trained employees contribute to the sustainable development of society.

SDG 5 Our Global Social Policy stipulates equality of opportunity regardless of gender.

SDG 6 Our ESHQ Values define protecting people and the environment as core elements of our actions.

REWOFERM® is a biodegradable surfactant based on sophorolipids, which are produced in nature from a yeast found, for example, in bumblebee honey.

SDG 7 VESTAMIN® composites facilitate the production of high-performance rotor blades for wind turbines.

SDG 8 jobs: Every Evonik employee secures an average of 7.1 jobs in the value chain (including jobs at Evonik).

SDG 9 PROTECTOSIL® protects buildings and bridges from water and therefore prevents corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete structures.

SDG 10 Our code of conduct for suppliers stipulates equal opportunities and equal treatment within the supply chain.

SDG 11 CALOSTAT® is a non-combustible, fully recyclable high-performance thermal insulation material.

SDG 12 ULTRASIL® reduces the rolling resistance of auto tires and helps save fuel.

SDG 13 DYNAVIS® for formulating hydraulic fluids reduces fuel consumption, e.g., of excavators, and raises productivity.

SDG 14 DL-methionine for aquaculture™ is an essential amino acid for aquatic species.

SDG 15 AMINONIR® analysis delivers a reliable amino acid profile of raw materials to ensure optimal use of animal feed.

SDG 16 The Evonik Code of Conduct requires fair, reliable, and transparent business conduct.

SDG 17 Together for Sustainability. As a founding member of this sector initiative, Evonik drives forward transparency and sustainability in the supply chain.

Their report is comprehensive enough and doesn’t show any signs of greenwashing but the lack of certificates is worrying. They seem genuine in trying to be sustainable and cover the SDGs well. Their presence of plastic or other non-sustainable in their products does give some cause in not evaluating them higher.


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