Korea Carbon Footprint Labelling; CFP Label Korea






Korea Carbon Footprint Labelling; CFP Label Korea

Certificate Description

The Korea Carbon Footprint Labelling promotes consumer-led purchasing patterns of low carbon goods and encourages enterprises to technologies towards low-carbon goods, thus ultimately contributing to the international efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

The carbon footprint labeling is not a mandatory certification system, but is a system that businesses may participate in on a voluntary basis. There are three phases of certificates in the carbon footprint labeling : Certification of Carbon Emissions (Phase Ⅰ), Certification of Low Carbon Products (Phase Ⅱ), and Certification of Carbon Neutral Products (Phase Ⅲ).

The label is developed and managed by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI), who fosters the environmental industry and supports the development of environmental technologies that clean air and water, recycle and treat wastes and heal our natural environment.

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