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  • Recognized on CDP’s 2018 Climate A List, for the third consecutive year
  • Ranked #9 on the list of Top Management Companies with BOMA 360 Buildings in 2017
  • Ranked #13 in the San Francisco Business Times Corporate Philanthropy Awards in 2018
  • Named among 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2018 by Corporate Responsibility Magazine
  • Recognized on Forbes’ list of The Just 100: America’s Best Corporate Citizens 2018
  • Received a AAA rating on the 2019 Toyo Keizai CSR Survey in the Overall CSR category
  • Received a Gold rating in 2017 on the Work with Pride Index, which promotes LGBT-inclusive workplaces in Japan 
  • Recognized as a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader in 2019
  • Recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters in California in 2018




Jon S. Chorley


  • Received the 2017 National Philanthropy Day Award for Outstanding Corporate Grant Maker
  • Received the 2018 Acterra Business Environmental Award in the Sustainability category
  • Awarded a Gold Certification by EcoVadis in 2017, putting us in the top 2 percent of suppliers that use the platform
  • Received the 2017 Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award in the Business category 
  • Received the 2017 US Environmental Leadership Award by Cummins, Inc., an Oracle customer
  • Received the 2018 Gold Impact Bite Award for Corporate Citizenship Initiatives in Greece for Oracle Academy’s contribution to the Greek educational system



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Oracle Corporation

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Company Activity

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation that sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products.

Oracle provides products and services that address all aspects of corporate information technology (IT) environments such as applications, platform and infrastructure via the sales of database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products.

Oracle’s applications, platform and infrastructure offerings are delivered to customers worldwide through a variety of flexible and interoperable IT deployment models, including cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid. The company markets and sells their offerings globally to businesses of many sizes, government agencies, educational institutions and resellers.

As a leading company in the technology industry, Oracle seeks to “help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities” while incorporating sustainability and Good corporate citizenship for their shareholders, people, planet, and future generations.

Oracle is dedicated to applying the same level of commitment, rigor, and sincerity to changing lives as they do to building cutting-edge technology for customers.

Company Sustainability Activity

Oracle equates sustainability to good business. Oracle is committed to investing in initiatives that help run their business more sustainably and develop products and services that help customers do the same.

Sustainability is embedded within Oracle’s business operations including the management of natural resources, responsible supply chain practices, and running sustainable events globally.

The company is dedicated to strengthening their sustainable operation and supply chain by carefully considering the design, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain procurement, and supplier engagement.

Oracle keeps the environment in mind throughout the design and development processes of their products, giving careful consideration to energy efficiency, product serviceability, recyclability, upgradability, material conservation, and the management of hazardous materials. Additionally, Oracle continuously works to eliminate or minimize waste generated in their global manufacturing operations, and to ensure that any such waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • 100% renewable energy use at 58 Oracle offices around the world
  • 31,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided and millions of dollars saved as a result of emissions reduction initiatives in 2018
  • 9.2% decrease in total Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions from 2017 to 2018


Target Year: 2020

  • 20% reduction in energy per dollar of revenue
  • 33% target for renewable energy
  • 20% reduction in absolute emissions
  • 25% reduction in potable water consumption per square foot
  • 25% reduction in waste to landfill per square foot

Target Year: 2025

  • 55% reduction in emission per unit of energy consumed
  • 26% reduction in absolute emissions


Promote Zero Waste

  • Oracle’s landfill division rate improved significantly in 2019 from 56% to 67%: an increase of 11% over 2018
  • Overall waste to the landfill decreased by 24,280 pounds in 2019

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Achieving Oracle’s 2019 goal of a 50% reduction in onsite carbon emissions from 2012
  • Saving 25 MT of CO2
  • 64% less carbon and 43% less fossil fuel used to create when compared to its plastic counterparts
  • Since 2011, Oracle has now offset 144,632,635 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions at OpenWorld

Responsible Sourcing

  • 100% of the standard laptops they purchase are ENERGY STAR and EPEAT certified 
  • 100% of Oracle’s technology recyclers are ISO 14001 certified 
  •  or more of Oracle’s direct manufacturing spend is associated with suppliers who have energy or carbon reduction goals in place 
  • 3 million pounds of retired customer hardware assets were collected for recycling or reuse in FY18 
  • 300,000 of technology assets retired from internal use were collected for recycling


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations SDGs Compliance


  • 1,135 Pounds of Collected Event Furniture Donated to Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley 
  • 1,268 Pounds of Backpacks, Socks, Toiletry Bags, Office Supplies Donated to local agencies/charities 
  • 1,621 Pounds of Moscone Center Food Donated to Food Runners San Francisco 
  • 150 Pounds of Lightly Used Soaps and Room Amenities Donated to Clean The World by the St. Regis San Francisco


  • The Clinton Landfill Gas to Energy Collection System: 50 wells, and helps to improve public safety by mitigating the risk of underground gas migration and groundwater pollution that could result from material deposited in the landfill
  • The Crow Lake Wind Project: the largest owned solely by a cooperative in the United States and consists of 108 1.5-megawatt turbines used to generate energy

SDG 13

  • In 2017, Oracle reduced their carbon footprint by 8% over the previous year which was the result of increased renewable energy use, improved energy efficiency, and a variety of other emissions reduction initiatives across their operations

SDG 15

  • The Garcia River Forest Project in Mendocino County: goal of restoring streams and forests while providing economic benefits to the community, reducing carbon emissions
  • The McCloud Forestry Project: 9,000 acres and comprises the largest working conservation easement west of the Rocky Mountains

SDG 17

  • Oracle has multiple partnerships and collaborations with multiple organizations to help them reach their sustainability goals

Oracle Corporation is committed to incorporating sustainability within their business model. This is evident through their zero waste, carbon reduction, and responsible sourcing targets.

The company is dedicated to reducing their environmental impact in hardware, technology and applications, from cloud data centers to business intelligence to smart utility grids while incorporating renewable energy and other sustainable practices.

Oracle has received various listings and awards. In addition, Oracle has several recognized certificates such as ENERGY STAR, EPEAT, ISO 14001, LEED and BOMA. Oracle is also compliant with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Oracle has been rated B due to their continuous efforts to invest in initiatives that help run their business more sustainably and develop products and services that help customers.

Analyst Outlook: Neutral

Oracle has made great strides in incorporating sustainability throughout its business model. The company is committed to developing products and practices to protect the environment. 

Key Points

  • As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Oracle manages and monitors their direct hardware supply chain in accordance with the RBA Code of Conduct. In FY18, they completed 15 audits based on the RBA Code of Conduct at direct hardware supplier factory locations. Each year, they engage with their strategic suppliers to report data on their carbon, water, and waste footprints via the RBA platform, a process that helps evaluate and manage potential risks in their supply chain.
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