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Publicis Groupe

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Company Activity

According to the company: “Highly modular, Publicis Groupe’s Connecting Company model is a unique platform that gives clients plug & play access to our best-in-class services. Supported by a Global Client Leader (GCL), our clients benefit from a borderless, seamless service that drives the alchemy of creativity and technology.

Publicis Groupe is organized into 4 Solutions Hubs for easier connectivity and integration: Publicis Communications, Publicis Media, Publicis Sapient, and Publicis Health. In this model, all agency brands still exist and share an operational backbone, which gives them the power and expertise of all the Solution Hubs combined to deliver the scale required to compete and win in a data-led, digital-first world. Epsilon, the data-driven marketing and tech company and its platform Conversant, that joined the Groupe in July 2019, is positioned at the center, fueling all the Groupe’s operations with their unparalleled data expertise.

As a Connecting Company, we are able to deliver as the Power of One – driven by a common purpose, a powerful spirit, shared behaviors, great character and a relentless focus on our clients.

Our clients needs are at the core of the Connecting Company model

Businesses are faced with enormous challenges and opportunities today: highly empowered consumers enabled by mobile and other technologies are disrupting the landscape and giving rise to new competitors. Designed to accompany our clients in this fast-moving environment, Publicis Groupe’s new model delivers more innovation, ideas and growth in less time and at a lower cost. More with less.

Our business model allows us to fundamentally rethink our approach:

Clients come first.

The entire Publicis Groupe transformation was designed to put clients at the center of all we do. Their needs and objectives drive the solutions we provide in order to help them win and grow.

We are seamless.

We have created the powerful role of the Global Client Leader. One person who acts as one point of access and one point of accountability to tap an 80,000 deep pool of talent – free from silos, legacy, and convention.

We are frictionless.

We have unified P&Ls and removed all operational barriers.

We are modular.

The core benefit of our new organization is not only in the depth and range of capability but, more importantly, in our ability to configure situationally; the ability to configure around individual client needs and an open architecture to plug & play world class partners when needed. Modularity is critical as it enables a future proof way for this organization to support innovation now and keep pace with the changes that show no sign of stopping.

We are united.

By fusing together our creative, intelligence, and technology expertise, we are able to provide clients with transformative ideas and consumer experiences, unlike any other agency or holding company in the marketplace.”

Company Sustainable Activity


According to the company: “The major environmental impact from the Groupe’s activities is linked to journeys (taking into account commuting as well as business travel) and the consumption of energy. Different actions are put into motion, proportional to the agency’s ability to measure impacts and influence employee behavior. The Groupe’s real estate department plays a decisive role in office moves, consolidations and renovations (including partial) to introduce wherever possible improvements having a real positive impact for the environment and to accompany behavior changes through education of teams. IT management teams integrate environmental criteria into their choice of supplier. Our teams are proud to participate alongside certain NGOs and some of our clients and partners in projects that may be extremely ambitious or have a strong local impact. The fight against climate change is a priority. The Groupe is keen to play its part in the collective effort, and a vision of short and long term objectives in the search for the best solutions. CSR SMART DATA, is a platform connecting the indicators and initiatives of our Publicis Groupe sustainable development approach, since 2009. It offers an integrated vision that demonstrates our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, as well as the GRI Standards and other principal CSR frameworks.”

  •  In 2019, paper consumption has decreased from 703 ton to 610 ton. The major part of the volumes concerned is composed of paper and card, 80% of which is of certified/recycled origin. 
  • Electronic waste is processed in WEEE circuits in partnership with suppliers in the framework of equipment recovery and disposal contracts.
  • The main energy consumption of buildings corresponds to purchased electricity (Scope 2 – GHG protocol), 37.1% of which comes from renewable energy sources in 2019.

  • In 2019, water consumption per capita decreased from 9,7 m3 to 8,8 m3.

  • The GHG emissions balance sheet has been carried out according to the GHG Protocol since 2009. Scope 1 – Energy sources: gas, fuel oil and other fluids + professional transport (cars) – represents 7,349 Teq CO2 in 2019.

  • Carbon intensity was reduced by 43% between 2009 and 2019, exceeding the initial targets.

  • In 2018, the Groupe’s commitment to communities amounted to 49,2 million euros. In total, 330 PRO BONO campaigns and 440 volunteering projects were carried out.


  • Publicis Groupe joined the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to define its new targets for 2030. They will be known during 2020.
  • Reducing GHG emissions – by around 40% by 2030 – is the priority of the action plan that will accompany the implementation of the new SBTi targets in 2020.


18 agencies are ISO 9001 certified, 10 agencies are ISO 14001, 5 agencies are ISO 27001 (including four in India) and 4 agencies are ISO 18001 (India); 3 entities are ISO 20121 certified.

Sustainable Development Goals

How company covers SDGs

SDG 2,

→ According to company “Combatting hunger is the objective to which we have pledged our support in the context of the sectorial initiative “Common Ground” with the United Nations. In addition to engaging our employees, we hope to co-operate with other clients and partners in order to be most efficient.”

SDG 3, 

→ Most agencies have adopted flexible working to allow for teleworking (from home, from the client’s site, or from another Group agency, etc.) particularly in major cities where travel times are significant. 3,094 employees benefited from parental leave during 2019. Many agencies organise internal training or awareness-raising campaigns linked to seasonal issues or pathologies or health risks. 99% of employees are covered by medical cover, irrespective of local social security provisions. The workplace accident rate was 0.33% during 2019.

SDG 4,

On average of 21,6 hours of trainings per employee have been achieved in 2019. 69,8% of employees received trainings. Trainings provided on different topics: Business  practises , coding & programming, consulting & selling, digital marketing skills, management skills, soft skills-career personal development, technical-functional skills.

SDG 5,

In 2019, 49,8 % women were on the management positions. 33,3% women representation in the executive committee. Comparative analysis of the remuneration of women to men is ongoing, thanks to the deployment of “Job grading” on a country by country basis, allowing for a more homogenous reading of posts and functions.

SDG 8,

The Group’s Procurement and CSR Departments continued their program of work to develop the supplier monitoring system. The deployment of the supplier evaluation program continues at three levels: the policy and guidelines to be respected (part of the contract), the CSR self-assessment, the CSR evaluation by a third party such as Ecovadis. Challenges relating to diversity issues in the supply chain are monitored internally with specialist Procurement Department teams. (400 suppliers who are accredited as diverse suppliers, 50% of which are women-owned and 20% minority-owned). The Group’s employees must treated the same regardless of their type of contract, in order to foster an environment conducive to their development throughout their career. Employees are represented in internal bodies responsible for health and safety, depending on local requirements. Supplier evaluation system includes their practices and policies on forced or compulsory labor. Publicis Groupe, has no incidents of forced or compulsory labor or human rights grievances.

SDG  10,

“Zero Tolerance”: the principle of non-discrimination is intangible and is stated as such in the Group’s code of ethics, Janus. The “Viva La Difference” signature reflects the Group’s historic commitment to diversity and equal treatment. The group encourages to hire managers locally. 

SDG  12,

According to company “Publicis Groupe can lend its support to behavioural changes in favour of responsible consumption ; raising awareness of sustainability challenges in order to evolve everyone’s actions and assure a positive impact, is an important objective in relation to our activities. Improving best practices and evolving buying and sourcing are part of a vision in favour of a more just, integrated and efficient economic and social ecosystem.” Publicis Groupe is very committed to advance with best practice the industry, and the agencies are active in favour of professional self-regulation, ensuring respect of ethics of advertising content.

SDG 13, 

According to company “Acting effectively in favour of the climate is unavoidable : following the motto “consume less, consume better,” the Group is progressively reducing its direct impact and hopes to participate in the preservation of natural resources.”

SDG 16,

→To guard against the risks of corruption, employee training programs have been set up as provided for in the “Janus” Code of Ethics. It is mandatory for employees to read the policy every time it is updated.Publicis Groupe is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and is strongly committed to the defence of human rights and respect for fundamental freedoms. Supplier evaluation system integrates their practices and policies relating to human rights, freedom of association and collective bargaining. Publicis Groupe has no incidents relating to the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

And SDG 17,

According to company “Since 2015, Publicis Groupe has chosen to voluntarily participate in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, either independently or in co-operation with other engaged organisations. In putting our competencies at the service of the SDGs, the Groupe is favouring a range of projects with positive impacts.”



    GHG (TEQCO2) per capita




    On the road


    % OF TOTAL




    Over target


    (MWH) per capita





    Over target

Publicis Groupe aims to decrease its energy consumption and activity related to journeys and business travel, the team participates with its clients and partners by working with certain NGOs and fighting against climate change. 10 out of the 17 U.N. SDGs are being worked towards by Publicis. Furthermore, they have a list of many recognized eco friendly certifications to show their credibility.

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