Russia Vitality Leaf




Russia Vitality Leaf

Certificate Description

The Vitality Leaf Ecocertification is a packaging label guarantees environmental safety of the product for humans and the environment. It is the sign that the product is a sustainable leader in its industry.

It is the only ecolabel in Russia that is recognized internationally due to the scientific approach when evaluating products, projects, and services which is based on a multipurpose life cycle analysis.

They verify the product’s life cycle, looking at raw materials, production, packaging, transportation, storage, operation, and utilization. They evaluate product and services, considering international best practices. They conduct a comprehensive on-site audit of production site, and they engage accredited laboratories for product testing.

The certification was developed by Ecological Union, a Russian public environmental organization which works to certify products, works, and services. They conduct comprehensive assessments of products’ environmental performances based on life cycle approaches, from raw material extraction to disposal after use.

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