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Company Activity

According to the Saudi Telecom:

“We are a forward-focused digital champion always been focused on innovation and evolution, thinking ahead to stay ahead as a truly meaningful and purposeful organization.

We offer variety of ICT solutions and digital services in several categories including telecommunication, IT, financial technology, digital media, cybersecurity, and other advanced digital solutions, with that we are leading the digital transformation nationally and regionally.

About STC …

  • Our vision

We are a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to our customers and enabling the digital transformation of the MENA region.

  • Our purpose

We create and bring greater dimension and richness to people’s personal and professional lives.”

Company Sustainable Activity

According to the company: 

Access by technology

Includes mutually beneficial impact areas that generate value for the business and for society. Advancing “access” and “connectivity” implies the interdependency between business growth and social empowerment. Includes programmers and initiatives that provide strategic business value and growth opportunities while advancing social development.

Workforce development

Highlights STC’s focus on the development and well-being of both its own employees and the nation’s workforce at large. Includes professional development and well-being of employees. It also includes emphasis on capacity building of a diverse, skilled Saudi workforce including youth, disabled and female populations.

Responsible practices

Includes effective management and accountability in all areas including: Environmental (energy savings, emissions reduction, waste management, climate adaptation, etc.), Social (good labour practices, ethical treatment of suppliers, etc.), Governance (ethical behaviour, transparency, etc.) and Economic (responsible marketing, anti-competitive behaviour, etc.).

Innovative digital solutions innovative digital solutions

Emphasizes cutting edge, technology-driven solutions, with a focus on the future. Includes support of entrepreneurial development in the Kingdom and ensures business growth, industry leadership and socio-economic development.

Our duty toward the blind: to make their path easier

The blind are an integral part of our society, it is our duty to ensure a better life for them. In collaboration with the Kafeef Association for the Blind, STC was proud to organize an event align with the International White Cane Day in Riyadh in presence of Nasser Al Nasser, STC Group CEO. The organization of this event comes as part of our ongoing support for social initiatives and empowerment of the charitable sector.”



Sustainable Development Goals


How company covers SDGs



According to the company

“Social investment

  • The Company’s annual contribution to the Saafah Foundation was S R 1 million. The foundation aims to promote the values of transparency, fairness, and justice in society, serving as a national resource for knowledge and experience in matters related to integrity and anticorruption.
  • The Company sponsored the 34th National Festival of Heritage and Culture in Janadriyah, in line with its support for national events and the preservation of the Kingdom’s cultural heritage.
  • Implementation of a program, in cooperation with the Saudi Association of Sign Language Interpreters, to help children with cochlear implants develop their speech and communication skills at a specialized medical center in Riyadh.
  • Blood donation campaigns were organized at the Company’s headquarters and other areas in the Kingdom to help patients of government hospitals.
  • Several social media campaigns were launched to raise awareness and educate the community on the themes of sign language, diabetes, women, disability, volunteering, blindness, anti-smoking, humanitarian work, Mother’s Day, and cancer.
  • The Company initiated the adoption of programming courses for the blind in cooperation with the Blind Association in Riyadh and the Saudi Computer Society. Based on the principles of trust, creativity, and cooperation, the courses are aimed at educating blind people in computer programming, assessing existing applications, and creating innovative new ones to help them enter the labor market.
  • The Company organized the Creathon initiative, in collaboration with Tasamy for Social Entrepreneurship, to empower and strengthen charities through the development and creation of innovative content. More than 200 students from universities across the Kingdom representing different disciplines attended the event alongside social and charitable activists and representatives from many charities.
  • Sponsored the Conference of Small Enterprises and Productive Families in Morocco, which was organized by the Arab Institute for Urban Development and featured participation from several experts.
  • The Company contributed to the construction and design of the Clinicians application in collaboration with a group of Saudi doctors. The app’s goal is to improve communication between doctors reviewing medical cases and discussing diagnoses. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge, which helps to improve medical diagnosis and raise the quality of healthcare in the Kingdom.
  • In cooperation with the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, several of the Company’s leaders attended an ICT Leaders Program meeting. They discussed enhancing national capacity building and the exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • 40 * 40 activity: The Company worked with the Gulf Center for Cancer to support a Gulf Cancer Awareness Campaign marking World Cancer Day.
  • The Company sponsored a number of conferences, initiatives, and community programs including:
  • Third International Conference of Disability Experts
  • Saudi Khair Program
  • Building telecommunications capacity and maximizing social responsibility programs for King Khalid
    Foundation (KKF)
  • Aramco Academy
  • Supporting and empowering specialized charities
  • Support outstanding fees of the Blind Association
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provided to a non-profit associations
  • Enabling a communicative environment for persons with disabilities
  • Middle East Summit for Social Networking
  • Barcode application project for a society
  • Sponsorship of the National Recreation Festival for People with Disabilities: “Welcome to Palin”.
  • Contributing to the preparation of educational classes
    for autistic children from the Charitable Society for
    Autism Families in the Eastern Province.
  • Supporting and sponsoring the ‘Digital Giving initiative, which was launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology with the aim of spreading knowledge among Arab communities and enriching
    Arab technical content. More than 14,000 specialists participated in the launch the Digital Giving platform.
  • Supporting the launch of an educational reference dictionary for children in cooperation with the Saudi Association of Sign Language Interpreters. Supporting a technology initiative to enable non-profit  organizations to use technology to effectively achieve their objectives. Cochlear implant treatments for children 40 STC Annual Report 2018 STC Annual Report 2018 41

Women’s Empowerment

  • Participated in the Women in Data Science (WiDS) forum organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at its headquarters in Riyadh, which was attended by more than 400 women interested in working in the field in the Kingdom.
  • Launched the “Tawakkali wa intaliqi” (Have Faith and Drive) initiative to empower women to drive and increase awareness of traffic safety rules, in support of the implementation of the Royal Order to allow women to drive.

Youth Empowerment

  • The Company contributed 6 million riyals during the year to the National Entrepreneurship Institute, a national, independent, non-profit organization established by the Ministry of Energy and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training to help empower
    small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of both sexes. Since the institute’s establishment, 10,000 projects have been created.
  • The Company established a strategic partnership with the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin AbdulAziz Foundation (MiSK) creating a channel for knowledge exchange, localization of capacities, and the empowerment of young men and women in the field of information and communications technology. The aim is to develop the society in the Kingdom and enhance the role of women. Key areas of the partnership include technical and digital innovation, community outreach, scholarships, and training programs.
  • The Company is helping to empower entrepreneurs through supporting the InspireU Incubator. Its support helps the incubator provide the best services,
    consultancy, and technical solutions and in selecting incubated projects. The total number of projects
    launched was 28 with investments worth 34 million riyals.

Enabling technology

  • The “Donate via SMS” service to charitable organizations in the Kingdom is a technical solution used to sustain charities’ projects and programs. In total, 288 organizations were beneficiaries.
  • Technical support for child support hotline  116111, which is a pilot project of the National Family Safety Program in the Kingdom. Its objective is to be an easy communication channel for users.”

Saudi Telecom operates in the telecommunication services and offers mobile, third and fourth generation services. Although they claim to have a commitment towards sustainability; their website shows a lack of action towards any sustainable development goals. In addition, they have no acquired certifications and labels nor any awards that show their achievements towards sustainability. Finally, Saudi Telecom is a facilitator of the oil and gas industry which greatly pollutes the environment and has an effect on the water environment as well. The company received a ‘D’ rating because they are not transparent enough and not much for sustainability.

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