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Company Activity

Seagen Inc. is a biotechnology company based in Bothell, Washington, specializing in antibody-drug conjugates or ADCs. ADC technology harnesses monoclonal antibodies to kill cancer cells. First founded in 1997, Seagen was founded by Clay B. Siegall whose own father died of brian cancer. 

Seagen is focused on cancer research and treatment. Further research into the treatment of cancer could prevent many premature deaths of people of all ages all over the world.

Within their community, Seagen promotes cancer charities and awareness campaigns. They also have grants available both for medical professionals as well as for patients who want to run initiatives for education and advocacy themselves. Through these fundraising and advocacy efforts, Seagen could help prevent many premature deaths.

Company Sustainability Activity

Seagen’s sustainability activity seems to be limited to their activities relating to community outreach and charitable giving. Seagen has very little environmental consciousness initiatives in their company. They make no mention of wanting to become sustainable on their reports. Seagen lacks transparency with regards to their sustainability practices, and does not publish any data related to their carbon footprint or resource usage.


  • Seagen develops and uses antibody-drug conjugates for cancer treatment. These treatments help treat the cancer of many patients and minimize the damage done to the body during treatment.
  • Their flagship product is Adcetris.
  • Seagen is involved in cancer education and advocacy through cancer charities and has grants available for the patients’ own education and advocacy.


Community Outreach

  • Promoting cancer charities and awareness

Charitable Giving

  • Medical and Advocacy grants


Community Outreach

  • Community food and toy drives
  • Walk to End Bladder Cancer
  • Obliteride
  • Light the Night

Charitable Giving

  • Patient education and support grants
  • Education grants for healthcare professionals
  • COVID-19 Matching Program


Seattle Genetics does not old any certificates at the moment.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Compliance

The Impakter Index team aligns current company-wide sustainability initiatives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the following section.


  • Seagen’s progress in cancer treatment has likely prolonged the lives of or helped treat those diagnosed with cancer.


Seagen makes negligible effort to be a sustainable company and hasn’t shown a particular interest in mitigating climate change. Sustainability is not mentioned as part of Seagen’s annual reports, and none of their community outreach is focused on any particular aspects of sustainable development.

Seagen hasn’t implemented targets and goals to become a more sustainable company and has not recruited an executive officer in charge of sustainability. Seagen’s business is not inherently unsustainable, but they make very little effort towards sustainability.

Seagen also has not engaged with the UN Sustainable Development Goals directly. They align with SDG 3, but only because of the nature of their business. In addition, they lack certificates, awards, and listings that would illustrate their minimal commitment to sustainability.

For these reasons, Seagen has been rated a D.

Analyst Outlook: Neutral

Seagen has not shown a commitment to sustainability and seems uninterested in becoming a more sustainable company. There is also a notable lack of transparency from Seagen in comparison to other companies regarding their sustainable activity. Being sustainable or following any of the Sustainable Development Goals do not appear to be a goal for Seagen. They make no mention of sustainability or climate consciousness in their reports. 

Seagen does show its commitment to community outreach and charity, but this has little impact on their overall sustainability. While their charitable giving and other efforts may have an impact on a human level, they do not address the ways in which their company could become more environmentally friendly.


Key Points

  • Specializes in cancer treatment and research
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Cancer Charities
  • Charitable giving
  • Very little effort to be sustainable
  • No sustainability officer
  • No mention of SDGs
  • No certificates or labels
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