SFI Fiber Sourcing Certification

SFI Fiber Sourcing Certification

Certificate Description

The SFI Fiber Sourcing Certification governs how SFI Program Participants procure fiber from non-certified forestland.

SFI Fiber Sourcing allows organizations to show the material in their supply chain comes from legal and responsible sources.

Organizations certified to the SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard demonstrate their support of broadening the practice of biodiversity, using forestry best management practices to protect water quality, providing outreach to landowners and utilizing the services of forest management and harvesting professionals for fiber from uncertified lands in the United States and Canada.

This certificate was created by The Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a sustainability organization operating in the U.S. and Canada that works across four pillars: standards, conservation, community, and education.

SFI is the world’s largest single forest certification standard by area.

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