Singapore Green Labelling Scheme

Singapore Green Labelling Scheme

Certificate Description

The Enhanced Singapore Green Labelling Scheme enables companies to adopt and comply with good and recognised forest management practices and standards. In addition, the peatland and fire management criteria in this scheme assess the applicant’s readiness and commitment to practice sustainable forest management on peatland and fire prevention in order to safeguard peatland forests and other areas used to obtain fibre raw materials.

These standards ensure that resources gathered or harvested from forests or plantations are done in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner, minimising disturbance of natural eco-systems and conserves biodiversity.

The scheme is developed and managed by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), an independently managed, non-profit and non-governmental organisation and an institution of public character (IPC) aiming to influence practices by engaging the 3P sectors (People, Private and Private) through a range of holistic programmes.

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