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  • UK’s Best Places to work for Women
  • #4 on Fortune’s 100 best places for Millennials
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Workday, Inc.

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Company Activity

Workday is leading the way in helping organizations better manage their financial and human capital resources. As part of their applications, they provide embedded analytics that captures the content and context of everyday business events, facilitating fast and informed decision-making from wherever users are working. In addition, they provide an intuitive user experience similar to those of leading consumer internet sites, reducing the time for training on their applications.
Whether it is supporting their employee Green Teams with a waste reduction campaign or investing in clean energy to support a low-carbon economy, operating in an environmentally responsible manner is part of who they are.
They understand that to enjoy a healthy economy that maximizes human potential, they need to sustain a healthy planet. As a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, their approach to environmental stewardship focuses on the key areas that are most material to their business. These include their carbon footprint, investments in renewable energy, stakeholder collaboration, reducing and responsibly disposing of their e-waste, and engaging with their employees to maximize their collective impact on how they operate. They continue to look for and adopt new ways in which they can positively address sustainability challenges.

Company Sustainable Activity

According to Workday, Inc.


  • Workday provides all of their customers—more than 2,600—with a carbon-neutral cloud. This goal was achieved in 2017 across their global operations. Their data centers use 100 percent renewable electricity, effectively reducing data center Scope 2 market-based emissions to zero
  • They have partnered with a global electronics-disposition partner that meets their requirements for operating under ISO 14001 certification, as well as the strong e-Stewards certification (or a comparable local standard). Data security is always paramount—all drives are wiped and destroyed while certificates of destruction are retained.


  • Achieve a net-zero carbon emissions by 2021
  • Use 100% renewable electricity across their global operations, including all of their offices and data centers
  • Responsibly dispose of their electronic waste
  • Establish Green Team (in their largest offices to provide a platform for engagement and empower employees to introduce meaningful sustainability practices at Workday)
Workday is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2021. Their carbon management strategy is to avoid carbon-intensive activities where possible, focus on reducing the carbon intensity of their operations through efficiency measures, replace high-carbon energy sources with low-carbon energy sources, and offset the remaining emissions. Workday believes in transparently reporting their efforts to stakeholders. They have published their carbon footprint dating back to their 2010 baseline in their Global Impact Report and will continue to do so as they track their progress toward their 2021 goal. We’re happy to say that at the end of FY17, they achieved net-zero carbon emissions across their offices and data centers globally.
Their multi-tenant cloud architecture helps customers reduce business costs and carbon footprints by centralizing server processing, optimizing energy usage, and eliminating redundant equipment. Their data centers are optimized for processing, energy, and cooling efficiency. In addition, all the data centers that run their cloud applications—in both the U.S. and Europe—use 100 percent renewable electricity.
Workday ensures the secure disposal of all electronics. They maximize the reuse of equipment when possible and dispose all remaining items responsibly by adhering to the strict e-Stewards standard.
At Workday, they have three overarching priorities when it comes to their employees:
Employee Experience
Their culture and how they treat people are paramount at Workday. They focus on their core values, communicate transparently, treat everyone with respect, reward hard work, take part in fun and wacky events, come together to strengthen their local communities, and invest in a variety of employee-recognition programs that show appreciation for their colleagues’ contributions, both large and small. Because they focus on their people, Workday has earned widespread recognition as a great place to work.
Employee Development
Many people are attracted to Workday because they have an environment where employees can continually learn and grow. They focus on programs and opportunities to help people realize their potential and take charge of their careers.
Belonging and Diversity
A sense of belonging is fundamental to their productivity and well-being at work. They encourage people to bring their full, authentic selves to work and they focus on innovative ways to provide and enhance a culture where all of their employees feel valued.
At Workday, they believe that doing good is good for business. Through philanthropic investments in community organizations, programs and volunteer opportunities that make it easy for their employees to get involved, and workforce development programs that provide job opportunities to people facing barriers to thriving-wage employment, Workday is dedicated to making a difference in the communities where they live and work.”


  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018

Sustainable Development Goals

How company covers SDGs

SDG 9: Privacy and Data Protection

  • Workday is responsible for safeguarding their customers’ most sensitive information and data. Along with theirr customers, they must also adhere to data privacy regulatory concerns as well. A privacy or data security breach could severely impact both Workday and their customers’ brands, so they maintain rigorous data-security standards to ensure the absolute safety of their customers’ business information. 

SDG 8, SDG 9: Customer Satisfaction

  • They are fiercely loyal to their customers, and Workday Co-Founder and Chairman Dave Duffield is also known as chief customer advocate. Customer satisfaction is a key metric for Workday that they measure throughout the year in an effort to retain their existing customer base and attract new customers. 

SDG 8: Talent and Culture: 

  • Workday believes that happy, productive employees lead to customer loyalty and a prosperous business. That’s why, at Workday, employees are their most valuable resource and they pride themselves on being a great place to work.

SDG 5, SDG 10: Belonging and Diversity

  • Diversity plays an integral part in maintaining their position as a “best place to work.” By helping recruit and retain top diverse talent, they can maintain a culture where everyone feels valued.

SDGs 1,4,8,9: Philanthropy and Volunteering/Community Engagement

  • A healthy, thriving community is an important ingredient for business success. The Workday Foundation focuses on creating career pathways that maximize human potential. They do this by empowering people facing barriers to employment with skills that will help them secure thriving-wage employment. They go beyond the check through skills-based volunteering and offer a wide variety of programs to support and encourage employee engagement in the community.

SDG 7, SDG 13: Energy and Carbon Footprint

  • A healthy environment provides the foundation for their economy and ultimately, for economic opportunity and the future quality of life for their global citizens. They look for new ways to positively address the planet’s sustainability challenges, including investing in renewable energy projects and providing carbon-efficient products for their customers so they can minimize their impact on the planet.


  • In FY19, 100% of the electricity used at their offices and data centers globally came from clean, renewable sources
  • operated at net-zero carbon emissions since FY17
  • 35% reduction in carbon intensity per square foot of office space since FY15
  • 29% reduction in carbon intensity per total revenue since FY15
  • 34% reduction in commute emissions per employee since FY16
  • 36% reduction in data center carbon intensity per subscription revenue since FY15
  • $11.3 Million+ total grants disbursed by the Workday Foundation since 2013

Workday is a leading company in its sector and offers a carbon neutral cloud. The company has detailed description of its SDG contribution in their sustainability report, and they detailed also how they constructed great as green partnerships around their activities. Thanks to all their efforts they are rated as a B.


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